Monday, June 27, 2016

Colorful DIYs and Recipes for a Bright Summer Party

[Werbung:] Hello and happy summer day! Have you already seen my post with colorful summer DIY projects, the one with bright summer outfit inspiration, the article about happy and colorful ideas for grey April days and my post with tipps for explorations and springtime discoveries? For all of them, I teamed up with OTTO for our Pinterest cooperation. Also part of this collaboration are my fellow bloggers Pinspiration and provinzkindchen, so check out their blogs as well and make sure to also read their posts! :)

In today's blogpost, I am sharing recipes, decor DIYs and inspiration for a bright and colorful summer party. So let's get this party started, yay!

Bright DIYs and Recipes for a Colorful Summer Party: 

For a tropical summer party food table, make pineapple cupcakes and matching cake toppers. // Buy helium balloons for an extra impressive decoration.
What about delicious raspberry milkshakes? // Invite your friends for a summer party with a tropical food table and matching decor elements.
What about helium balloons, pacmans and ghosts as nerdy decor elements? // Make a sweet strawberry dessert in a jar and take it to a picnic.
Mhhh, thirsty? Surprise your guests with a super delicious mango colada cocktail. I wish I had one right now!
Make colorful fruit sticks for your guests as a snack and discover the recipe for my favorite potato salad of all times.
Cut out stripes of cardboard, use a stapler to connect them and make buntings for your theme party. What about pretty cupcakes?
Craft colorful food toppers to embellish anything on your food table. // Mhhh, have you ever made a watermelon margarita? They are divine!
Homemade exotic bagels are delicious, trust me!
Set up a food table with charming details for a bright video game party. // Make strawberry mint milkshakes as summer refreshment.
Colorful honey combs are perfect party eye catchers. // Hmmm, make blueberry banana pancakes for a summer brunch with loved ones.
Wuoah, raspberry coconut cupcakes are one of my fave sweet treats, they are so so good! Try them out yourself!

Today is the Day for Summer:

Enjoy all the projects for making a bright summer party and check out our colorful Pinterest board HeuteIstDerTag für Sommer (= today is the day for summer) and find ideas for making pretty decor elements, ideas for a food table and recipes for drinks and delicious treats.

Yippie yay, enjoy summer! Happy day,

P.S.: This blogpost was written for a cooperation with OTTO. :) 


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