Friday, May 20, 2016

Colorful Outfit Ideas for Warm and Sunny Days

[Werbung:] Hello hello my dear readers! Have you recently seen my post about happy and colorful ideas for grey April days and my post with tipps for explorations and springtime discoveries? For both of them, I teamed up with OTTO for our Pinterest cooperation. Also part of this collaboration are my fellow bloggers Pinspiration and provinzkindchen, make sure to also read their posts! :)

So this time, it's all about fashion and bright and colorful outfit ideas for warm and sunny days. Hooray, summer is about to come, so get out your fancy dresses and dare something new! Do it, step out of your comfort zone!
We made a Pinterest group board for you with summer outfits and creative ideas and to furher inspire you for your summer look, I am sharing some outfit ideas with you in this blogpost. Get colorful!

Outfit Inspiration for Summer

Try out something new and wear a completely different piece of clothing! For me, this was wearing dungarees for the first time in my adult life. Combined with a casual hat and a light yellow cardigan, this outfit is perfect for weekend activities or even as comfortable travel outfit. // Both photos taken by my pal Alexander Rentsch.
Wear candy colors: mix mint and pink, they perfectly go together. Black and white are a great addition. // Both photos taken by my sweet friend magnoliaelectric.
Mustard and cobalt blue go great together! Combine them with lots of white as a basis, in my case, I chose a patterned dress where you can also find the color concept.
Step out of your fashion comfort zone! When I was in Vienna two years ago, my friend Stef and I decided to swap signature styles and wear something in the look the other would normally wear. For me, this was a new red and white color concept and a more elegant look. This was awesome, because we both ended up to dare something new and had such a fun project! // Both photos taken by my sweet friend magnoliaelectric.
Make it fit and alter your clothes to your desires: when you see a (vintage) piece of clothing whose overall look you love, but which doesn't really fit your shape, get out your sewing machine and alter it according to your needs!
Do color blocking and wear bold colorful elements! For this look, I combined pink tights with a green hoodie and separated both parts with a neutral stripy skirt.
Neon is awesome! For summer, colors can't be bright enough, so try out something new and wear neon colors. If a whole dress is too much, try out tiny accessories first.
Try out unusual color combinations! To make your look more versatile, try out a color combination you haven't worn before. You'll be surprised how much fun this is! In my case, I combined the brightest yellow with lots of blue and I loved it!
Wear statement jewellery! For this summer look, I chose bright statement earrings matching the overall color concept of the outfit. // Both photos taken by my friend Squeaky Swing.
Color blocking also works with more elegant style elements! In this case, I combined an elegant raspberry-colored dress with casual cobalt blue sneakers and a clutch. // Both photos taken by my sweet friend magnoliaelectric.
Handmade flower crowns are the perfect summer accessory! // Both photos taken by my sweet friend magnoliaelectric.
Primary colors and bright patterns are a great eyecatcher! For this look, I combined a handmade strapless floral dress with a handmade bow belt and matching yellow wedges. One of my fave summer outfits ever.

So what will you try out next? :)
Check out our bright and colorful Pinterest board HeuteIstDerTag für Sommer (= today is the day for summer) and find ideas for a new summer look, travel destinations, discovery suggestions, freebies and DIY tutorials.

Yippie yay, enjoy summer! Happy day,

P.S.: This blogpost was written for a cooperation with OTTO. :)  


  1. YAY! Du feierst schon ordentlich den Sommer mit Deinen bunten Outfits. So schön, so authentisch DU, liebe Lu.
    Liebe Grüße, Nina

  2. Love the flower headpiece!



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