Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy and Colorful Ideas for Grey April Days

[Werbung:] Hello my dear readers! March and April are often filled with grey days, but spring is coming soon and I have some colorful and happy ideas for you to make those days brighter!

I have recently teamed up with OTTO for a Pinterest cooperation and we are currently sharing inspiring content and products in the prettiest pastel colors. Make sure to have a look at OTTO's pastel color board on Pinterest! :)

So today's the day for pastel colors and happy activites against bad grey weather mood.

Happy and Colorful Ideas for Grey April Days

  Go to the park and watch the blossoms bloom. // Get crafty and make pastel color spring decor. What about origami paper tulips?
Throw a party and use helium balloons for decor. Makes so so happy! // Sort out your wardrobe and make space for pretty spring clothes!
Declutter your home and make everything bright, clean and pretty. This is so satisfying! // Get out your bike and explore the city! Bad weather can't stop us, there's so much to discover!
Invite your friends for a colorful springtime brunch. // Dress in happy pastel colors and dare to wear something different than usual.
Get crafty! Draw, sketch, paint, this is so much fun! // Get out of bed in the morning with fresh milkshakes and smoothies, this gives you power and brigthens up your mornings! :)
Go to a carnival or funfair and get yourself some candy cotton, mhhh! // Bake! Invite friends for tea time and make cupcakes or muffins.
Let's go and do some gardening! Work on your balcony or in the garden or get at least some fresh plants for your home's inside. Instant spring feeling, even when it's raining! // Ice cream season is coming soon, so enjoy it and grab your first cone of ice cream of the season, even if it's still grey outside!

Those grey days will be over soon, so don't worry and make the best out of it. Spring is coming! :)
Happy day!

P.S.: This blogpost was written for a cooperation with OTTO. :)

Folge OTTO Fashion & Lifestyles Pinnwand „HeuteIstDerTag für Pastell“ auf Pinterest.

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