Friday, April 15, 2016

Today Is The Day For New Discoveries - Happy Springtime Activites

[Werbung:] Hello hello! I recently wrote an article with colorful ideas for grey April days for you for a cooperation with OTTO. We are still working together and this time, it is all about discovery, adventure and stepping out of your comfort zone.
Thus, I am today sharing ideas for happy springtime activities with you which are about trying something new and exploring the world. Have fun! :)

Today is the day: New discoveries with OTTO:

Springtime is finally here and we want to make it new! So what about trying out a new hobby? Get out a camera, learn by doing, teach it yourself. // Another idea is exploring the city and looking for streetart. It's always about the tiny details and when you keep your eyes open, there's so much to discover. You'll see!
Every year in life is always gonna be more fantastic than the year before! Think positive, stay motivated and cherish every tiny success and small step. Life is good! // Explore urban spaces. Discover what's around you! You don't always have to travel far, adventure is just right around the corner...
Step out of your fashion comfort zone! Most of the time, we are stuck in our usual look and do not dare to try out something completely different. Maybe now is the right time! Explore your wardrobe, organize a clothes swap with friends, go thrifting or browse your fave shop. At least try out another combination of clothes, it's fun! // In anticipation of this summer's upcoming festival season, book tickets for your next music aventure. Thus, everyday life trouble seems way less important when you have a little adventure you can look forward to.
Discover your local flea markets. There's so much to see: go treasure hunting and find tiny details to be happy about. Life is about constant exploration missions, those can easily be built into your everyday life routine! // Grab your phone and go on an exploration photo tour. Look trough your camera's lens, discover new perspectives, angles and patterns. Urban life is so versatile!
What about exploring your neighbourhood on a board? Longboards are super beginner-friendly and there are many skater shops which offer test rides or even rent their boards on an hourly basis. Eeeeks, so much fun! // Discover your inner superhero! When going on everyday life adventures and facing challenges at work or in private life, things sometimes don't seem easy. Never forget that you are strong and can be proud of yourself! There's always a new way to explore which offers a new solution or perspective!

Let's go outside, discover the world and face new adventures!
Happy day!

P.S.: This blogpost was written for a cooperation with OTTO. :)  

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  1. Toller ist er geworden auch der zweite Blogartikel mit so vielen schönen Tipps :-)
    Happy mit DIR die Koop zu machen!

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