Friday, August 02, 2013

Recipe for a Sweet Summer Strawberry Dessert.

Hello my dear readers! Here's another recipe from my summer picnic, a recipe for a sweet and delicious summer dessert which is made with yoghurt, mascapone, strawberries and mint.
What you need:
- Strawberries
- Bisquits
- Yoghurt, mascarpone and milk
- Fresh lemon juice, vanilla sugar, fresh mint
Put bisquits into a jar or bowl.
Mix yoghurt, mascarpone and milk until the white cream has the perfect consistency. The more liquid it is, the softer your bisquits will be when you pour it onto them. Add some vanilla sugar and a little bit of fresh lemon juice and then pour it onto the bisquits.
The longer you wait before you eat everything, the softer your cookies will become and this dessert is super easy and delicious and totally refreshing on hot summer days! :)

While you are reading this, I'm spending my weekend with my dear friends Stefanie of Squeaky Swing and Anja of aentschie!!! So exciting!!! :)


  1. Ih, looks so yummy! Delicious and refreshing! Wherever there's strawberry involved, I'm IN!!! :-P

  2. Mhhhh! Das werd ich am Montag gleich mal ausprobieren beim M├Ądelsabend :)


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