Saturday, February 08, 2014

Recipe: Coconut Raspberry Cupcakes

Hello, my dear blog readers! Are you still looking for a cute homemade idea for Valentine's Day or for a recipe for your Sunday coffee table? :) I've got an awesome recipe for coconut raspberry cupcakes for you, the best cupcakes I ever made so far!! :)
Those cupcakes can me made easily and will surely satisfy your desire for a sweet delicious snack. :)
Two weeks ago, I made a Valentine's Day sweet table for my blog and because it's theme was coconut and raspberry, I made those cupcakes. I couldn't wait to finally share the recipe and I hope you will like them as much as I do - my friends and neighbors loved them! :)
For 40 cupcakes, you will need:
- 400g flour
- 400g sugar
- 1 package of baking powder, some fresh vanilla and a tea spoon tip of salt
- 120g butter
- 500ml milk
- 4 eggs
- A 150g mixture of Raffaello (German coconut chocolate candy) and coconut rasps
- 100g (deeply frozen) raspberries
- 40 cupcake (paper) tins

For the frosting, you need:
- Butter
- Raspberries
- Powder sugar
- A mixture of Raffaello and coconut rasps
- Raffaellos for decorating the finished cupcakes - A piping bag for spreading the frosting over the cupcakes

The exaxt amount of ingredients for the frosting depends on the consistency you prefer. For 40 cupcakes, I used one package of powder sugar, about 200g butter, a hand full of raspberries and about 10 Raffaellos and 100g of coconut rasps.
First of all, let your frozen raspberries unfreeze or if it's the season, take fresh ones. :) Then take the Raffaellos, crush them, add the coconut rasps and mix everything. For making the dough, mix all the ingredients listed above. Preheat the oven on 180°.
Take all the 40 baking tins and fill them half (about 50-60%) with the dough. Let them bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes (depends on the kind of oven you have - we have gas, so it's always difficult to stick to an exact time).
Once your cupcakes are finished, let them cool down a little and prepare the frosting. Once it's prepared, you can use your piping bag for spreading it all over the cupcakes. In case it turns out too liquid, first put it into the fridge for a while until it's consistency is better. In the end, you can then decorate the cupcakes and their frosting with some more Raffaellos. :)
Mhhh, these cupcakes taste heavenly! The only bad thing is that they are such sweet sugar-bombs that you will hardly be able to eat more than one at once. :)
P.S.: These cupcakes aren't not only great for Valentine's Day, but they will also perfectly fit onto a summerly sweet table. :)


  1. Da läuft einem ja schon beim Anblick das Wasser im Mund ein Himbeer-Raffaello Rezept habe ich vor Jahren mal ausprobiert - das müsste ich eigentlich mal auffrischen =)
    Wo hast du denn die schönen Förmchen her?

    lg, Cara

    1. Liebe Cara, die Förmchen sind von Partyerie! :)
      Liebe Grüße, Lu

  2. Oh das sieht so schön aus :)
    Ich glaube das werde ich mal nach backen!
    Liebe Grüße Marlene


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