Sunday, July 21, 2013

A summer picnic in the countryside.

Hello, dear readers! It's summer and I'm currently enjoying all those sunny and long days, filled with swimming in the lake, good food and quaility time with friends and family.

About two weeks ago, I was finally able to work on a little project I've been having in my mind for so long and which had been on my list for future summer projects for quite a while: Flo drove me (and four huge boxes of supples, food and photo props) to the countryside where I prettily set up a picnic. :)

I had been preparing decoration in advance, so there were colorful pompoms hanging from the trees and I also had brought handmade cake toppers and other pretty details to make the picnic look extra pretty.
You know that I love color concepts and this time, I decided to combine pink / rose with turquoise and yellow (a color combination that I use quite often, because those colors belong to my favorites).
We were having bagels with fresh rocket salad, goat cheese, pine nuts, a homemade sauce and tomatoes.

I also made fresh lemonade with raspberries, lemon and mint and of course there can't ever be a summer picnic without water melon pieces on a stick. :)
We had to wait a while until the sun went deeper so that I was able to take better photos without too harsh contrasts, but there are worst things than waiting on a perfect summer field with the smell of flowers, the sound of buzzing bees, the sun tickling your skin and a delicious picnic waiting for you. :)
Another thing that  I made were fruit sticks, there's hardly anything more refreshing and more colorful.

I was super in love with the little picnic scenerey that I set up on that super sunny Sunday.
One of my fave summer desserts ever are fruits in a jar with mascarpone & yoghurt cream on bisquits.

Super yummy! The recipe will be coming, soon! :) Another thing that I made were lemon-vanilla cupcakes. I'm usually not so much into baking, but these ones turned out way better than I had expeced (recipe also coming soon) and I loved how they looked with my little handmade lemon toppers made from cardboard.
After I had taken all the photos for this blogpost, we had a super relaxing picnic and enjoyed all the good food, the perfect location and this great late summer afternoon! :) I'm super satisfied with how this setting has turned out and I'm super in love with all the little details and colors!
What do you think?

I never thought that preparing such a picnic for taking good photos would be so much effort, any food table being set up at home is way more relaxing, but when looking at those petty photos, it was definitely worth the effort! :)
Happy Sunday (maybe with a picnic? :))!

Sponsored supplies:
When I started planning the picnic, I wanted to include pretty paper dishes and asked Birgit of partyerie if she was interested in a little cooperation. :) So the following items were kindly sponsored by her so that I could include them into my picnic project and show them to you in this blogpost:

Turquoise honey combs: c/o partyerie
Dotted paper plates: c/o partyerie
Striped paper cupcake cups: c/o partyerie
Turquoise and white striped paper straws: : c/o partyerie

Thank you again for providing me with those pretty things! :)

If you are looking for pretty party supplies and decoration for your next food table, wedding or birthday party, you'll find everything in Birgit's shop. My own wishlist is way too long because of all the pretty items which make an ordinary event extra special with regard to dcoration. :)


  1. Schon auf instagram war ich ganz verliebt in die Fotos - der Aufwand hat sich definitiv gelohnt! :) Ich freue mich schon auf die Rezepte!
    Liebste Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag

  2. Es sieht einfach wundervoll aus - da wäre wohl jeder gern dabei gewesen :)
    Man sieht, wie viel Liebe du hineingesteckt hast! ♥

  3. das sieht so toll aus (vor allem die Obst Spiesse!!!). Wenn ich doch nur nicht so faul waere was solche Dige fuer's Auge angeht...
    PS: Pine nuts nicht cones...sonst waeren die Bagel sicherlich kein so grosser Erfolg gewesen :-)

  4. Schaut echt toll aus! Besser gehts nicht ^.^
    Liebe Grüße Nadja

  5. Yummy yummy yummy <3
    I admire the way you let the food and everything around it look so charming <3

  6. einfach perfekt! - machen mich immer ganz glücklich, deine farbefrohen bilder. =)
    sonnige grüsse

  7. Wow. tolle Bilder!!! Bin ganz fasziniert!!
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Das sieht alles so unglaublich lecker aus, die Erdbeeren, die Früchte Sticks und die Bagels erst, hyam!

  9. Bei so einem Picknick würde ich mal einfach so 4 Stunden zu dir fahren und dann alles essen.

    Vielleicht hast du Lust auch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei zu schauen


  10. that looks so amazing and lovely!
    Ich plane für's WE auch ein kleines Picknick - danke für die Ideen und die Inspiration (:

    Liebe Grüße.

  11. SUPER! Wie du alles hindekoriert und farblich abgestimmt hast, einfach toll! Und die Fruchtspieße und "Melonen am Stiel" sind eine fantastische Idee. (: Euer Picknickkorb ist übrigens auch hinreißend, woher habt ihr den?

    Alles alles Liebe,


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