Monday, June 23, 2014

Tropical Food Table

Hello and happy start of the week, my dear blog readers! :) As most of you know, I looove parties, food tables and matching decor (have a look at my past parties & food tables here) and what I love most about this is the whole process of planning - from the idea in my head to the final colorful table with delicious food. Thus, I relatively spontaneously decided at the beginning of the past week that I wanted to make a tropical food table on the weekend and use the German soccer team's world cup match against Ghana as an occasion for this.

Separate blog posts with recipes for all the delicious things will follow in the upcoming few weeks, today I'm sharing the overall happiness of this colorful tropical food table with some close-ups of decor, snacks and cocktails. :) Enjoy!

My colorful tropical food table:

As the main savory snack, I made absolutely delicious exotic bagels with grilled cheese, apricot slices, pineapple cream cheese and salad. Hmm! As a sweet and fresh snack, there were fruit sticks with dragonfruit and watermelon. So refreshing!
For bright decoration, I bought these awesome pineapple honeycombs (via Tiger) and made this colorful fruit bunting out of cardboard. 
Preparing the whole table took me roughly about twenty-five hours, about fifteen hours were needed for making the food. Because I took so much time taking all the step by step photos for all the recipes I want to share soon and because of the cloudy weather, I was lake taking all the photos before dusk and so my dearest best friend Anja made the cocktails with me for getting finished in time. :* On the left photo, you can see the delicous mango colada that we made, mhhh!
Moreover, there were watermelon margaritas, so yummy! 
Apart from the refreshing fruit sticks, there was a homemade orange-mango cake with cream cheese topping and freshly grated organic orange zest.
Those bagels were soooo damn good, can't wait to make them again, soon. For making them look extra nice, I used the pretty baker's twine that Birgit of Garn & mehr once had given me. :)
This table turned out even prettier and more colorful than I had imagined, this makes me so happy!
Apart from the cake, I had also prepared the cupcakes the evening before so that I only needed to make the frosting on Saturday. Those cupcakes tasted like pineapple and coconut and were so tasty, mhhh (cupcake paper tins once bought from Birgit of partyerie). :)
Besides the bagels, there has also been another savory snack, namely fried rice balls. Those were made of rice, cheese, mango and orange. Oh my, my guests like these a lot!
Doesn't this table look super pretty? I really enjoyed planning it and to prepare decor and food and now I can't wait to share the recipes with you. :)

Have you aver been planning a food table? What was your favorite thing about it? Do you have any plans for upcoming food tables or theme snack tables?

Happy week and thanks for reading! :)


  1. I love this colorful table!!! Where do you get the decorations from???

  2. es wird zeit, dass das wetter für diese optik mitspielt. das sieht sehr hübsch aus.
    liebe grüße,

  3. Der Tropical Food Table ist dir echt super gelungen, sieht echt lecker aus!
    Deine Ecke in der Küche bietet sich da ja auch echt optimal an, so eine kahle Wand, die man dann immer passend dekorieren kann. Hätte ich bei mir gar nicht :-/
    Viele Grüße, Goldengelchen


    toll und leckerr wars! <3 :***

  5. Liebe Lu, das ist voll dein Element!:) Vielleich solltest du ein Catering service Business in Betracht ziehen!:) Es sieht absolut grandios aus und voller Liebe.

  6. Das sieht sooo toll aus, die Farben sind der Hammer und ganz bestimmt war alles super lecker!! Bei dir wäre ich auch mal gerne Gast :) Ich freu mich auf die Rezepte! <3
    Liebe Grüße,

  7. Wow, da wäre ich auch gern eingeladen gewesen :D Sieht alles superlecker und appetitlich aus, und die Deko, und soviele leckere Sachen mit Mango... I like! ;)
    Liebe Grüße, Großstadtprinzessin

  8. Das sieht aber lecker aus... und so schön dekoriert... Darf ich vorbeikommen? :D
    Liebe Grüße
    Das Moos von

  9. Oh jaaaa, da geb ich Stefanie recht!
    Wenn du 'nen Catering Service aufmachst, rennen dir die Leute sicher die Bude ein <3
    Ich mach die schicki Webseite, Anja den Print-Kram und beim Kochen/Backen und Dekorieren helfen wir dir auch!
    Wann geht's los? :D :D

  10. Vielleich solltest du ein Catering service Business in Betracht ziehen! stang jepit vixion :) Es sieht absolut grandios aus und voller Liebe

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