Monday, March 27, 2017

Free 'Get Well Soon' Handlettering Printables

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Every now and then, someone of our loved ones, a dear colleague or a family member is sick. Because I love handlettering projects a lot, I decided to create some pretty 'Get well soon' wordings so that you can print them out and hand them over to a poor sick person.

The idea came up because some weeks ago, apotal has contacted me. apotal is an online pharmacy or virtual drugstore. However you want to call it, it's an awesome solution to get the medication and cosmetics that you need delivered to your doorstep and the products there are really inexpensive.

'Get Well Soon' Handlettering Printables:

All over the year, many people suffer from a bad cold, from stomach trouble or any other sickness. Sometimes, we then don't want to leave the house and then it's super practical to order tablets, creams and medication online.
Even when ordering online, you don't need to leave out the consultation which we are used to at the conventional offline drugstore: apotal has a call-center where you can call for free and inform yourself about their products and their active substances.

In case someone you care about is sick, you could order a package with everything this person needs in order to get well pretty soon and then you could add one of the three printables that I made for you.

Get well soon, baby! Here's the free download file for you to print out at home, e.g. as a postcard to send to someone in the mail or as a print to directly hang up or to bring it to someone at the hospital.

>>> Free download: "Get well soon" printable 

Here's a pretty brushpen list with words related to sickness and recovery at home.

>>> Free download: "Quick Recovery" printable

For someone having a cold or a flu, you could order tea, a thermometer and something for inhaling to be able to breathe again. We all detest dripping noses or not be able to breathe at all, don't we? :)
Moreover, at apotal, they have plasters for injuries or earplugs to recover in silence.

When being sick, the best thing is to sleep and rest in order to recover quickly. Get my free printables to motivate someone to take the time to treat the body well and to take some time for resting. Pack a little 'Get well soon' package to surprise your loved ones! :)

>>> Free download: "Sleep & Recover" printable 

When ordering at apotal, you will not only find products for the days on which you don't feel good, they also have a whole bunch of cosmetic products. To find about their range of items for this cooperation, I even found my fave moisturizing creme from Weleda that I normally always buy offline.

So check out their website, let me know in case you have questions and also don't forget to print out my handlettering freebies in order to surprise someone on an annoying day of sickness. :)
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This blogpost was written in cooperation with apotal. Of course, all content is created by myself, the opinion published here is my own.


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