Wednesday, January 04, 2017

DIY: Travel Pharmacy Cork Purse

[Werbung: this post is sponsored by Volkswagen]

Hello eveyone, today there's a new sewing DIY project for you. Over the past few months, I have worked with Volkswagen for several creative projects and this time, it is a tutorial for how to sew a travel pharmacy cork purse.
Beeeedo, beedo! Here we go, let's work with cork (it was my very first time!) and sew a purse!
When you are on the road or on holidays, apart from the real first aid kit, it's always useful to have some pharmacy basics with you. Thus, we are making a purse in which you can keep things like plasters, pills, scissors and a clinical thermometer.

Materials for Sewing Your Purse:

What you need:
- Cork fabric (roughly double the size you want your purse to be)
- A zipper
- A sewing machine
- Sewing supplies like scissors, pins, thread and a measuring tape
- A pen, a paintbrush and black textile color

DIY: Make Your Own Travel Pharmacy Cork Purse:

Cut out two pieces of cork. Mine had the measurements 20 x 16 cm.

Next, draw those lines like I did, coming from the lower corners and ending at the upper part each 3 cm next to the sides.
Cut them out and prepare the zipper. It needs to be a bit shorter than the side of the cork that you just trimmed. You also need to prepare two pieces of cork for the zipper's endings.
Attach the cork pieces to the zipper as shown in the photo.
Sew them onto the zipper.
Attach the cork pieces to the zipper as shown in the photo.
Sew them onto the zipper.
Attach the zipper to the first piece of the cork purse, right sides facing.
Using a zipper foot, sew the zipper onto the cork layer. Next, attach the second side of the purse and also sew the zipper onto this piece of cork.
Now, the zipper is attached to both sides of the cork purse.
Pin all sides onto each other.
Next, sew around the whole purse, right sides facing each other.
Then cut off and close the lower corners. Thus, you create a little bottom part for your purse.
Turn it inside out.
Once you have finished sewing, use textile colour to paint a cross onto the purse.
Yippie yay, you're done!
Have fun with the purse and always take good care of yourself! :)

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Have fun and happy day!

P.S.: As you can see, this blogpost was written in cooperation with Volkswagen and is a sponsored post. Of course, my opinion is my own and all contents are created by me.


  1. Pretty and easy! I like how you did with the ziper.
    I'll certainly try! ♥

    1. Thank you, have fun doing it youtself! :)

  2. Korkstoff zu vernähen steht dieses Jahr auch ganz oben auf meiner To-Do-Liste:-)
    LG, Kali
    P.S. den Korkstoff von Innen zu beschichten oder ein abwaschbares Inlay einnähen ist bei solchen Travelbags von Vorteil falls mal was ausläuft;-)

    1. Hallo Kali, danke für den Tipp, das ist eine super Idee! :)
      Liebe Grüße und schönen Jahresanfang!


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