Sunday, November 06, 2016

Happylab Makerspace Berlin - My New Happy Place for DIY Excitement

[Werbung:] Hello everyone! I have exciting news for all DIY enthusiasts and people who never want to stop learning and are excited about trying out new tools and creative techniques.
In Berlin, there's a new happy place for all those people, the Happylab Berlin. This is a makerspace where you can become a member, pay a monthly fee and where you can then use the 3D printer, the laser cutter, the milling machine, the cutter for textile printing and the workshop with many awesome tools.

But first things first: back in September, I received an e-mail invitation and press release as well as an analogous sendout: the Happylab Berlin opened in the end of September and is now the third makerspace of its kind after the ones in Vienna and Graz. I got this awesome toothbrush head toy in the mailbox which drives around like crazy when you insert the battery. Such a fun idea to make possible customers curious.

The new Happylab Makerspace in Berlin:

The idea behind the Happylab is to connect people who are interested in certain techniques and tools, to empower them to turn their ideas into reality and to provide them with the machines that are neccessary and are normally not affordable for personal use at home. 

So back in September, I went there for the opening event, took some photos and got a few first insights into what is possible and what kind of equipment they have: you can for example use the laser cutter to turn your vector data into objects and engrave and cut out thin wood or acrylic. Isn't the robot awesome? You could engrave wooden name tags, stamps, make necklaces, brooches, and so on. Endless possibilities, just fantastic!
The lab is bright with its big windows and there is much space for your creativity.
With the laser cutter, you can also work with different kinds of cardboard and create objects like this pretty 3D heart. 
Moreover, there's a corner for electronics with tools to get started and to develop new skills.
As the lab has a 3D printer, you can create your own files and print out objects like this pretty planter. All objects come out in the same color, but if you want to, you can paint them later.
So far, my favorite part of the Happylab is the workshop, because it has many tools I don't own at home and always wanted to try out.
They have different kinds of saws, screw drivers, drills, a jigsaw, clamps and a sanding machine. Just the perfect place for people who want to get started with woodworking and want to get to know some basics.

My very own Happylab DIY Adventures:

After the opening event, I started going there on my own. There are different kinds of membership for different prizes and you simply have to choose which option fits your desires best. With my membership card, I can now go there 24 hours on seven days a week when I want to, it couldn't be more flexible!
Yes, I was holding a metal saw which is clearly not suitable for sawing wood for this photo. :D
For working at the lab, you can freely use all tools which are provided, you simply have to bring along personal supplies and consumption goods like screws, sanding paper and sawblades.
For me, woodworking and using these tools is something completely new, but luckily, my boyfriend took lots of time to patiently explain every machine and tool to me, showed me tricks, gave me advice and watched YouTube tutorials with me. :)
For all the bigger machines, there are introductory courses every Wednesday evening.
What is super practical is that the lab is directly opposite to a hardware store where you can buy wood and everything else that you need to get started. Thus, you don't have to carry along everything from the other side of town.
Luckily, my best buddies have also immediately become members, so we can go there together, share knowledge and learn from each other. Even more fun! 
The workshop area is big enough for several people to work on different projects and my friends were recently using the big milling machine while I was working on making a little shelf.
 There's also a fret saw, awesome for cutting out tiny details.
When shopping wood at the hardware store, this is so much fun, because every time, this is just the beginning of an awesome process. Making a sketch, measuring, cutting everything out, sanding, drilling, screwing. And in the end, there's a final result.

As I have always loved doing own projects and creating something new, working with wood feels extra special and is so satisfying: the final results which are made are way bigger and impressive than "just" a handmade pillow case. DIY on a new level, so many awesome opportunities! Now that I am slowly getting used to all the woodworking tools and procedures, I will soon also try out the laser cutter and work with vector data to create pretty cutouts.

For a project with DaWanda (a booth with handmade products at an event), I create a wooden display solution for showcasing things like pillows and home decor elements. It took me all day to build those little wooden stands and the frames, but it was overwhelmingly satisfying. My first wooden projects ever without any help or assistance, compelety done on my own. So empowering! Wohooo!

So as you can imagine after having read this blogpost, I can absolutely recommend going there if you are from Berlin. Currently, there's an info event and introduction for interested people every Wednesday evening and information can also be found on the Happylab Facebook page. Moreover, they have a Happylab YouTube channel where you can watch videos about their machines like the 3D cutter and laser cutter and get first insights.

In case you have become curious, don't hesitate to go there and to ask questions, you can also leave me a comment under this blogpost if you want to get to know more. Membership can easily be cancelled after three months, so it's also a great thing to simply try it out and see if it excites you as much as it excites me. :)

Happy making!

P.S.: This blogpost was written in cooperation with the Happylab Berlin and it completely includes my personal opinion and experience. Thank you for reading!


  1. Hallo Lu, Ich suche zur Zeit Leute die noch bei meinem ersten Gewinnspiel mitmachen bei dem man ein Set von 5 süßen Glöckchen gewinnen kann: schau mal rein, vielleicht ist der Gewinn auch was für dich;-)
    LG, Kali

  2. Was für ne megacoole Idee!
    Das sieht nach so viel Spaß aus, ich lerne auch total gerne neue Techniken zum Selbermachen - wir haben zum Beispiel mal im Studium was zusammengelötet und das hat mich und meine Mitbewohnerin nachhaltig begeistert, obwohl wir uns vorher gar nicht so rangetraut hätten :D

    Alles Liebe und bis ganz bald,


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