Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Easy Mini DIY: Car Planter Project

[Werbung: this post is sponsored by Volkswagen]

Hooray horray, DIY time! Over the past few months, I have teamed up with Volkswagen for several creative projects like a sunglasses case for a road trip and this time, it is something for the plant lovers among you.

For this tutorial, you won't need many supplies and it is rather an inspirational post or a mini project than a complicated DIY. Here we go:

Materials for Making Your Own Planter:

What you need:
- A diecast transporter car
- Some soil
- Tiny plants and cacti
- A spoon for filling the soil onto the car's loading space
- Wooden skewers for handling the cacti

DIY Inspiration: Mini Car Planter Project:

First of all, use the spoon or your hands to fill the diecast transporter's car with some soil.
Next, use the wooden skewers to carefully relocate the cacti (awesome idea by my plant queen Anja of Aentschies Blog).
Put everything into the soil and use your fingers to slightly press it down. Use plants without long roots, because otherwise, they won't have enough space.
Take a tiny pipette to carefully moisten your plants if needed.
Tadaaa, that's it, you are done! The planter surely won't serve as a permanent home for your plants, because it simply does not provide enough space for the plants to keep on growing, but it is a great (housewarming) gift idea or temporary fun decor for your own home.
The perfect spot for my car planter is between all those huge white plant pots, such a bright pop of color and little fun decor element which makes me smile.

DIY Bloggers for Volkswagen:

Are you curious about more awesome car-related tutorials? Volkswagen is currently also working with several other bloggers who are all sharing their DIYs on a group pinboard on Pinterest:

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Most of the DIYs are great, even when you don't own a car, so take a look and see for yourself which fun projects you can discover over there!
Have fun and happy day!

P.S.: As you can see, this blogpost was written in cooperation with Volkswagen and is a sponsored post. Of course, my opinion is my own and all contents are created by me.


  1. Ach das gefällt mir ja gut! Witzig wäre bestimmt auch eine Weihnachtsedition hier von. Ich überlege ob ich meinem Freund so etwas basteln soll, nur dann passend zu den Automarken für die er arbeitet. Wäre doch ganz witzig auf seinem Schreibtisch:).

    Liebe Grüße,

    Rebecca von

    1. Liebe Rebecca,
      das ist eine super Idee! :)
      Liebe Grüße und schöne Weihnachtszeit!

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