Saturday, November 19, 2016

DIY: Geometrical Paper Bedside Lampshades in Pantone Rose Quartz

[Werbung:] Hello everyone, it's time for a new DIY project! Over the past several months, I have created different DIYs and fun blogposts with my partner OTTO and today it's time for a new edition.

As you may have heard, one if this year's trend colors is Pantone Rose Quartz and thus, OTTO and I wanted to create a project in this color.
So in this blogpost, you'll be seeing how to make a pretty geometrical lampshade with paper. Let's go:

My new white Nightstands:

When we started our current cooperation project, I was allowed to choose several pieces of furniture like two bright yellow chairs, a chest of drawers and also new white nightstands which I built together myself with the help of my boyfriend to make it even more fun.
For several years, I have been owning a set of nightstands which I didn't like anymore. But because they were still in an acceptable condition, I kept them. Now for this project, I finally decided on a pair of bright new white nightstands with three drawers each.
Because I didn't like the metallic knobs, I bought myself some wooden ones.
Using spray paint, I turned them white so that they fit the overall look of the nightstands and I used them as a substitute for the silver metal ones.
So much better with the new knobs so that it fits my taste and style. Now as the nightstands are ready, on to the the next step: the DIY project for geometrical paper bedside lampshades:

Make Your own Geometrical Paper Bedside Lampshades:

What you need:
- A pair of  lampshade frameworks
- Rose-colored thin cardboard or thick paper
- Scissors, double-sided tape, measuring tape, a pencil
- A rolling cutter (optional)
Measure the height of your lampshade frameworks. Mine are 20cm high.
Next, mark the hight on paper / cardboard and add 5 additional centimeters for later folding over the endings.
 In my case, I thus marked and cut paper stripes which are 25cm long and 1cm wide.
Next, take your double-sided tape and put pieces to the endings of the stripes.
Use the taped endings to attach the paper or cardboard stripes to the framework.
When you are done, use scissors to neatly cut off the edges.

Pantone Rose Quartz Lampshades:

Here we are, done with this easy and pretty project.
As you can see, my paper lampshades are a perfect fit for my room and bed corner. So airy and such a nice color.

Pantone Rose Quartz Living Inspiration on Pinterest:

Do you need even more inspiration? To find more projects and interior ideas in Pantone rose quartz, have a look at the Pantone Rose Quartz group board on Pinterest that OTTO, 23qm² Stil, Tastesheriff and I are curating. So much fun!
Thank you for reading and thank you for this cooperation, dear OTTO-team! :)


P.S.: As you can see, this blogpost was written in cooperation with and is a sponsored post. Of course, my opinion is my own and all contents are created myself.


  1. Hello, I wonder have you tried this with strips of ribbon? Would it work with ribbon. I am not very artistic but am willing to try simple things like this but I don't want to waste time (and money) getting ribbon if it won't work.

    This is the first time I have seen your page/blog but I love it and am going to follow from today onward.

    Thank you
    Denise :)

    1. Hey Denise,

      thanks for the comment and for reading my blog! :)
      I haven't tried it with strips of ribbon, but I bet it works well. You could attach the endings with a stapler or with needle and thread.

      Happy crafting! :)

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