Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our Sweet And Happy Croatia Adventure // Summer Holidays on Brač

Oh wow, summer memories! The breeze of the ocean, the burning hot sun, the smell of sunscreen, loud music with our favorite songs, giggles, friendships and being adventurous, that's what our holidays were all about.

(Photo taken by Stef)

During the first week of August, I have been on holidays in Croatia with my dear friends Angie (Wiednerin), Stef (magnoliaelectric) and Anja (aentschies Blog). It has been the fifth summer in which we have - in mixed constellations - spent time together.

In 2012, Stef, Anja, Laura (Tagträumerin), Stefanie (Squeaky Swing) and I spent a week together in Potsdam and Berlin, it was the first time of getting to know each other and it was Our Sweet Berlin Adventure.
In the summer of 2013, Anja, Stefanie and I spend a long girl's weekend in my hometown Casselfornia and explored the city together.
Then in 2014, Anja and I flew to Vienna to visit Angie and Stef and had Our Sweet Vienna adventure.
Past summer in 2015, all of us eventually came back together; Laura, Stef, Angie and Stefanie visited Anja and me in Potsdam and Berlin for the second episode of Our Sweet Berlin Adventure.

Now it is already 2016 and we are still in touch and thanks to the Internet and our blogs, we have become friends some years ago and still manage to intensify our long-distance friendships. I'm so thankful for this! So this time, we went on our Sweet and Happy Croatia Adventure and travelled to the Island of Brač in Croatia. Wohooo!
Let's go, let the adventure begin and pack all the summer essentials.
That's what summers are all about.
Hop hop, from Berlin off to beautiful Croatia, it took us eleven hours from door to door. Travelling with my favorite crazy cat lady.
  Arriving in Milna on the Island of Brač meant having an own house with a romantic view over the bay, the village and the harbor and having an own garden with rosemary, figs and limes. Amazing!
The view from our terrace was just terrific.
(Photo taken by Anja) 

Each day, we went on a little adventure with the car that Stef had rent for us in Split, we drove around the island, hunting the best beaches. It was awesome having the best view all the time, driving along the coast or crazy serpentines.
I've never been to a place with such clear water and it sometimes felt as if I had fallen into a postcard.
(Photo taken by Anja) 

Friendship knows no distance. We have now been friends for five years and only see each other once a year, but it always feels so familiar and we always connect immediately. 
This glass-clear water, all those white stones, it simply took my breath.
The first day on the beach was awesome and we soaked it all in. Too bad that I killed Anja's flamingo float. :/
 Oh ladies, you made me oh so happy!
(Photo taken by Stef)  

Summer style.
(Photo taken by Angie)  

Summer dresses, jumpsuits, sandals - I love summer fashion so much.
In some of the mornings, I woke up early, quietly sat on the terrace all by myself and did some handlettering. I could hardly imagine a more relaxing start to the day.
On the third day, we drove up to Vidova Gora, the highest point of all the Croatian islands. 
(The photos showing me on the mountain are taken by Stef)  

WHAT. A. VIEW.! Down at the coast, you can see the Golden Horn, the famous beach in Bol.
We happily expolored the mountain top, took tons of photos and soaked in all the happiness.
(Photo taken by Anja)  

Topless adventure, pure bliss, friendship and the breeze of the ocean on our naked skin. I wish I was able to slow down time for some minutes. This is one of my favorite photos of all times!
Oh summer memories!
Do you see the mountain in the background? That's were we have been on top. And then we drove down to the beach at the Golden Horn in Bol.
Wow! I have NEVER EVER seen more clear water at the beach. We took our pool floats, swam a little further away from the beach and did some snorkeling. At a spot where the water was about 15 or 20 meter deep, we could still see the ground and swam with plenty of fish. So so so amazing! Snorkeling was completely new to me and I spent lots of time doing it in Croatia, having tons of fun.
Stray cats everywhere. In one of the evenings, we explored Starigrad and went there for dinner.
In Croatia the money is extra pretty.
Olive trees everywhere.
And cacti! Wow, pretty cacti and aloe plants everywhere the eye could see.
Summer, summer, summer!
In the mornings, we harvested the most delicious fresh figs from our garden and Anja always made the best breakfast. Hmmm!
(Left photo taken by Angie)

Driving around and being in the car for a lot of time was a pleasure. Anja was always on the hunt for pretty stones and slowly got a little crazy. ;)
(Photo taken by Anja)  

Oh beach, oh glass-clear water, oh diving deep and swimming with fish, oh summer!
(Right photo taken by Anja)  
Beach days are so precious and I love this lifestyle during holidays. Switching the head off completely.
All those tiny alleyways in those little harbor villages.
(Photo taken by Anja)  

Summer style.
It's a pleasure to see how differently the world with all it's villages and places looks.
 Breakfast happiness.
On one of the last days, Angie and I got up early for a little exploration mission, just the two of us.
We went to the middle of nowhere to see Kolač, a stone arc on the island. It's 20 meters wide and about 12 meters high.
Nature is just incredible. What a magical place.
We also went to a little island zoo, but it was rather sad there.
Last evening: cheers to magical holidays with wonderful friends.
Oh Stef!
Milna is such a pretty place.
(Photo taken by Angie.)
Oh Milna!
Way back home.
Bye by, wonderful Croatia!
Over the clouds, flying back home, but preserving some holiday feelings with souvenirs from the garden.

Oh ladies, it was such a pleasure!!
Thanks for reading and soak up the last days of summer! See more photos on Instagram: #oursweetandhappycroatiaadventure

P.S.: All of my photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. The others had iphones.


  1. Danke für die schönen Urlaubseinblicke! Ich finde es toll, dass ihr jedes Jahr zusammen reist!

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  2. Wow, das sieht alles so wunderschön aus! Perfektes Wetter und bezaubernde Outfits, gefällt mir alles sooo gut! <3
    Ich freu mich sehr, dass ihr das zu einer Tradition machen konntet, es sieht immer nach einer ganz tollen Zeit aus.

    Ich drück dich, alles Liebe,

  3. Noch vier Wochen! Dann geht es für mich auch nach Kroatien.. Roadtrip... Wir starten in Dubrovnik, weiter Richtung Split und Zadar und am Ende noch ein paar Tage im Soca Tal in Slowenien - drei Wochen insgesamt. Ich freu mich schob so. Und wenn ich deine Bilder so sehe, sollten wir die Insel Brač wohl auf jeden Fall auch mal besuchen <3 Herrlich. Ich fahr ca. das zehnte man nach Kroatien und es ist jedes Mal wieder eine Riesenfreude :-)
    Liebe Grüße aus Potsdam ;-)

  4. So schöne Aufnhamen und so schöne Erinnerungen. Und alle mit dem Handy?! Warum schleppe ich überhaupt eine Kamera mit ;)!?


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