Thursday, June 16, 2016

Upcycling-DIY: Fruity Chain of Lights

[Werbung:] Hello hello my dear readers! Outside it currently does only partly look like summer, so let's get it tropical inside the home with a new DIY project.

For this DIY project, I am working together with Energizer, a company which produces batteries. To create this tutorial, I received a pack of Energizer's brand new EcoAdvanced AA batteries to try them out.

The amazing thing about them is that 4% of each battery is made of recycled batteries, so they are a good step for more sustainability and even have more power than other batteries. Awesome! And as it is foresighted, already in ten years, even 40% of the battery is supposed to be made of recycled batteries, wow!
Moreover, since June there are also rechargable batteries availabe which are made of recycled batteries, so cool! Energizer Accu Recharge batteries can be recharged several hundred times and thus help to pollute our environment less.

So exciting! To celebrate the fact that batteries can partly be recycled, I am doing an upcycling project with you. Just the way batteries are used again, we are now using old yoghurt cups to make something new and pretty. So learn how to make your own fruity chain of lights made from upcycled yoghurt cups and cardboard. Thanks to the batteries, the chain of lights can be used independently from a power station, so you can even use it outside. Have fun!

Supplies for Your Own Chain of Lights:

Here is what you need:
- Colorful paper
- A piece of white cardboard for making a template
- Scissors, a glue stick (not in the picture) and tape (you can use painter's tape or double-sided sticky tape)
- A chain of light
- (Energizer EcoAdvanced) Batteries
- A pencil and a black felt-tip
- An awl
- Old yoghurt cups

Make Your Own Upcycled Chain of Lights with Energizer Batteries:

Use the awl and make holes into the bottoms of all yoghurt cups so that the light bulbs slightly fit through.
Use (the cover of) a yoghurt cup to make a cardboard template for all the fruity shapes.
Cut out the template and use it for cutting out pieces of fruit. I started with the watermelon and needed three different colors.
Cut all three layers into shape, use the pen to draw seeds onto the watermelon and then use a piece of tape to tape one ending to the yoghurt cup.
Next, take more tape, fold it (or use double-sided sticky tape) and tape the whole piece of watermelon paper to the yoghurt cup.
Next, cut out more fruits, for example pineapples.
So colorful!
Apart from watermelons and pineapples, I also made strawberries and oranges.
After having prepared all the cups (be aware, all that cutting and glueing takes some time! :)), insert the light bulbs. My chain of lights is battery driven, so that's where Energizer comes into play. This is super pracitical, because now I am not dependant on a power point and can even use the chain outdoors for an evening picnic.
That's it, you are done! It was super easy, wasn't it? I love that this project turned out so bright, colorful and summerly!
All the colorful cups are so nice to look at and guarantee instant color happiness!
Hooray, done so easily!
Which of the fruits is your fave one for the chain of lights?
This is a great project for a relaxing afternoon and can then be used as home decor or even taken away for a picnic.
Which other shapes or motifs would you also use?
Have fun making your own chain of lights and I hope you are as excited as I am about the fact that there is the opportunity to produce rather sustainable batteries. I hope for next bigger steps to come soon!

Thanks for reading and happy weekend! :)

P.S.: This blogpost was written for a collaboration with Energizer.


  1. I love this idea! It is so cheap and easy AND you can do it in the colours that fit your home. Perfect :)

  2. Hübsch! Und farbenfroh wie immer bei dir. Und mir ist gerade aufgefallen, dass dein farbenfroher linker Daumen aussieht wie mein rechter...
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hahaha, Du hast also auch einen kurzen kleinen Daumen? :D Ich hab sogar zwei davon.

      Und danke Dir! :) Liebe Grüße

  3. This is soon cute! Great Idea!
    Tiffany x

  4. So cute! I might try it with floral cups! Thank you X

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