Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Free Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone Case Printable (to Color it Yourself)

Hello everyone, what a lovely summer day! To make it even brighter, there's a free printable for you to embellish your phone case and to color it yourself.

For all of you who have a Samsung Galaxy S6, there is a free printable for your phone. I made one for myself and spontaneously decided to scan and share it with you.

Get Your Own Phone Case Printable

For the motif, I simply made a pencil draft, then drew everything with a felt pen, scanned it, edited the file and printed it out. If you want to know how this works in detail, see my post about the illustration process. :)
If you want this phone case motif yourself, here's what you need:
- A computer and a printer
- Colorful pens (I used Copic Markers*)
Here you can find the file:

Save the file onto your hard drive and print it out. I uploaded it in maximum size for a better printing quality, so you need to adjust the final size yourself (depending on how close you want the pattern to be at the edge). After printing, you can cut it and put it between the phone case and your phone's back.
Hooray! If you print and use it, I'd love to see photos! :)

Have fun and a great summer day!

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