Monday, February 08, 2016

DIY: Wooden Geometrical Magnets

Hey everyone, here's an easy peasy DIY for you today. Grab your craft supplies and here we go!
Make geometrical wooden magnets for your fridge or another magnetical surface. You won't need many tools and supplies and it's a nice gif for people who already own everything they need.

Make Your Own Geometrical Magnets

What you need:
- Slices of wood
- Magnets
- Acrylic paint, transparent paint, paint brushes
- All-purpose glue
Glue the right side of the magnets onto the back of the wood slices.
Use paint for the foundation. Maybe you'll need several layers. Let dry in between.
Use tiny paint brush tips for embellishment and geometrical patterns.
After having let dry the layers of color, use transparent paint for a nice finish.
Yippie yay! Have fun with your new magnets!
They surely brighten up the kitchen space! Have fun making your own ones! :)
Happy day,


  1. Sehr schön! Hoffe, Du hast wieder mehr Zeit für kleine DIY!


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