Thursday, February 18, 2016

Colorful Sweet and Savory Party Food Table

It's party time! Two weeks ago I had my 29th birthday and I realized that I hadn't even completely blogged about last year's party, so here we go. :)
One year ago, when I turned 28, I celebrated my birthday with a big Rock'n'Roll theme party and invited all of my friends. There was loud music, confetti, people in petticoats and pretty suits and lots of laughter. Perfect night for me.
Of course back then I did not only prepare pretty decor, I also made a colorful food table in the kitchen.
Luckily, I got everything done before the sun went down, so I was able to take photos of the brightness and all the delicous food. And as every time, I had a cooperation with lovely Partyerie who sent me honey combs, pretty paper dishes and cups for the party.
Making a big food table always takes lots of planning and preparations.
To make sure everything fits onto the table, I planned which plate and bowl to use for which food and arranged everything in a pretty way, varying shapes, sizes and colors of the dishes.
For the sweet part, I made cupcakes, a cheese cake, a chocolate cake and a third cake about whose flavor I have forgotten now that it's one year later. :D
The cupcakes were with raspberry coconut flavor (my favorite!) and I topped them with cream cheese and Raffaello.
Savory food on the left, sweet food on the right.
Most of the colorful bows and plates are from RiceDK with whom I have been working together in the past. I looove their kitchenware. :)
There were also some sweets I've known back from my childhood days. So much candy!
Mhhh! Makes my mouth water!
That was wonderful!
While posting about last year's party and food table, I am already planning this year's one, can't wait to show you more!
Thanks for reading and happy weekend! :)


  1. This is cute and colorful sweet party food table décor. I am in love with this party decoration. I would like to use these ideas in my son’s 4th birthday bash. We have booked one of local event venues and was looking for such things.

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