Saturday, June 13, 2015

An Ice Cream Party with Ben & Jerry's (And Free Ice Cream Illustration Printable)

[Werbung:] Hello everyone, happy sunny weekend! Summer is here and what is then better than talking about ice cream? :D
Do you remember last year when I was at Ben & Jerry's Taste and Tunes Tour or this winter when I was at an ice cream tasting event in Hamburg? :) This time, Ben & Jerry's has invited me again and I drove to wonderful Hamburg for a lovely ice cream party blogger evening.
The evening was not only dedicated to eating ice cream, but also to honor the winners of Ben & Jerry's initiative "Are you the next Ben & Jerry's?" With this initiative, the brand is supporting sustainable projects which help to make the world a better place and we had the honor to get to know this time's winners, Victoria of NearBees and Daniel of Green Lab Berlin (more about them later in this post :)).

At an Ice Cream Party with Ben & Jerry's

We ate LOTS of ice cream, one of my fave flavors is the one with speculoos (OMG, it's devine!!!).
To get more information, wonderful Hilke of Ben & Jerry's told us about the history and the philosophy of this great ice cream brand. Such an inspiring story! If you are curious, read more about Ben & Jerry's story yourself.
After having learned a lot about how this ice cream brand came into life, we were spoiled with tons of ice cream and a sweet table with fruits and chocolate to decorate and prettily arrange the sundaes ourselves. So much fun!
Daniel of Green Lab Berlin and I had such pretty ice cream creations on our plates. I could to this every day! :)
After eating ice cream, he told me more about the brand that he and his two colleagues have brought to life: they are using the shells of cocoa beans which are usually thrown away by the industry and instead, they turn them into fertilizer for flowers which smells like chocolate! What an amazing idea! Imagine working on your balcony and then having the smell of chocolate in your nose with caring for your plants. :)

>> Support Green Lab Berlin's crowdfunding campaign
Wuoah, cinnamon bun ice cream! I wish they had this in my local supermarket, sooo good!
Those books are too cute! If you want to inform yourself, hop over to the website and read everything about Ben & Jerry's mission. :)
So so pretty! I styled this ice cream plate and I wish I could to this every single day in summer. :D
Another highlight of the evening was meeting Jerry. THE Jerry. The Jerry who is the co-founder of this wonderful ice cream brand. He told us his story and we were able to ask him questions. Such an inspiring person!
Apart from getting to know Green Lab Berlin, I also got to know lovely Viktoria of nearBees. She had the wonderful idea to send honey in envelopes and has designed a special piece of packaging for this purpose. Thus, one can order honey from local beekeepers (currently only around Munich, but soon, this will also be possible in other cities), gets to know where the bees are from and which flowers they have in their environment. You can easily order your honey via mail and support local businesses. Such a wonderful idea!

Together with the honey, we got a package with flower seeds (yippie, for my balcony! :)) which is supposed to attract bees in order to get to know the bees from my neighborhood. Such a wonderful concept! After having come home from the event in Hamburg, I used the honey package I got from Viktoria to fill it into an empty honey bear. It's delicious! And with the QR code, I can get information about where it is from. Awesome project!!!

>> Support nearBees' crowdfunding campaign
It was a super nice evening with Jerry, Daniel, Viktoria and all the other blogger girls Nicole, Susanne, Jasmin, Conny, Janina, Jojo, Lisa and Sarah.
Ice cream and summer, there's hardly anything better! :)

Get Your Happy Ice Cream Illustration Printable

Because I couldn't take you all with me to this event, I've got a little surprise for you: during my preparations for my trip to Hamburg, I made a colorful ice cream illustration and I want to share it with you. :)

Have fun with the printable and in case you share a photo online, feel free to tag me so that I can see it (@luloveshandmade on Instagram and everywhere else). :))

Thanks for inviting me to your ice cream event, dear Ben & Jerry's team and you, my dear readers, have a super happy summer and grab some ice cream!


P.S.: Although this blogpost is part of a cooperation with Ben & Jerry's, this does not change the fact that I only write what I personally think and like. :)


  1. Ben&Jerry's ist meine Lieblings Eismarke :)

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  3. Mmmmh!!! Ich muss mir das Eis jetzt endlich mal gönnen.
    Bisher war es mir immer zu teuer, aber heute hast du mich überzeugt!!!

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