Monday, February 09, 2015

A Hamburg Trip with Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Oh wow, this past weekend was super great! You know why? It included ice cream and a short trip to wonderful Hamburg! :)
But let's start here: last summer, I took part in Ben & Jerry's Taste & Tunes Tour, spent the afternoon at their event in Berlin, took photos, handed out the most delicious Ben & Jerry's ice cream and enjoyed live music under the hot summer sun (wow, writing this makes me really realy look forward to next summer! ;))
This time, Ben & Jerry's invited me again and this time it was about trying their new ice cream flavors at a lovely blogger event in Hamburg. So this past Friday, I packed my bag and drove to wonderful Hamburg which was awaiting me with the most beautiful winter weather.
On the train, some handlettering and drawing got me into the perfect mood for eating ice cream all evening and this awesome sunshine weather and the palm trees at Park Fiction even intensified this. :)
Ben & Jerry's had invited some other lovely bloggers and me to join them for an evening at an old piano factory where they had prettily decorated everything for us and prepared delicious catering.
We got to know a lot about Ben & Jerry's ice cream mission, about how their brand had developed, about enrivonmental issues, sustainability and fair trade. If you are curious, you can read more about B & J on their website.
Apart from liking their mission, I also love Ben & Jerry's corporate design, everything is so bright and colorful.
The tables were decorated with flowers and we all got a pretty notebook and pen and a book with the history of this brand.
The food was delicous and each of us had a cookie with ones name at her place. ;)
After having some snacks and getting to know more about B & J, the most important and most anticipated part of the evening began - we got to try out the new ice cream flavors!! So exciting!! :)
One flavor is called 'What-a-lotta Chocolate Cookie Core' and the other one - my new favorite - is called 'Speculoos? Specu-Love. Cookie Core'. So both of them have a soft cookie core and also cookie pieces inside of the ice cream. Divine!
This flavor is just awesome, I could eat it all year, not just for Christmas! Hmmm! Both flavors are coming to stores this week, yayy!
It's a wonder I haven't gotten sick from eating that much delicious ice cream! :)
We also took some photos and drew on bubbles and made magnets with out photos. Sweeet! :) And I got to spend some time with lovely blogger pals, two of them were Nadine and Vivi, as seen here on the photo. :)
In the morning after having woken up from ice cream coma, I had a look into Ben & Jerry's lovingly designed press book and dived into more details about their philosophy.
To get rid of my ice cream coma, I also walked around Hamburg for a while and threw around some confetti pieces. :)
Eeeeeeeks, tons of ice cream happiness!
This was just a super perfect short trip with seeing Hamburg, meeting friends and lovely blogger pals and eating the most delicious ice cream. Thanks for having me, Ben & Jerry's! :)

And again to those of you who have gotten curious: the new flavors are coming to stores this week and I can't wait to get some more ice cream for myself. :)

Happy week!

P.S.: As you can see, this blogpost was written for a cooperation with Ben & Jerry's, but the fact that it is a sponsored post does not touch my personal opinion!


  1. This looks like such a fun afternoon! And you're totally right - everything IS better with ice cream on top!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  2. Hach. Hab die Bilder ganz neidisch verfolgt!
    Ich hoffe die neuen Eissorten kommen auch irgendwann hier im Schwarzwald an ;)
    Ansonsten muss ich mich halt noch ein Weilchen mit Peanut Butter Cup rumschlagen :D

  3. boa hab ich jetzt bock auf Eis!!!
    Ich will auch mal zu so einem Tasting eingeladen werden... :(
    wie kommt man denn zu der Ehre?

    Ganz viele liebe Grüße


  4. Supercool! Ich möchte auch mal nach Hamburg. Schön, dass du diesen Trip machen konntest!

  5. Schööön! (: Ach Hamburg, ist auch schon wieder zu lang her, seit ich da war... Sag, ist der Diamant an deinem Handgelenk ein Tattoo? Sieht toll aus!


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