Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mini Upcycling DIY: Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Hello hello! Today I've got an easy peasy mini upcycling DIY for you. I got the idea from my best friend Anja who writes aentschie's Blog and has been making little greenhouses out of old plastic bottles to help tiny salads on her balcony grow faster. I don't really have a green thumb (only on my balcony it works quite well every year), but Anja and my Mama are my gardening and plant heroes who always give me good advice. ;)
So here we go with the mini DIY:

Bottle Upcycling DIY

You simply need an old plastic bottle of a slightly smaller diameter than the plant pot with your plant you want to grow, scissors and a sharp cutter.
Simply cut off the bottom of your bottle (think of the height you will need later when the plant has grown a bit) and then you can put it over your flower / salat / whatever. ;)
Now the bottle serves as a little greenhouse and can help your plant grow faster.
Have fun with this easy mini DIY and take care of your plants, even in fall. :) So when it's cold outside, enjoy your green home inside.

Happy day,


  1. Das ist ja eine tolle Idee! Werde ich nächstes Jahr mal ausprobieren - oder muss man mit den Sämlingen fürs nächste Jahr jetzt schon anfangen?

    1. Liebe Laura,

      nein nein, das reicht alles im Frühling. :)

      Alles Liebe!


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