Thursday, August 07, 2014

A Wonderful Day at Ben & Jerry's Taste & Tunes Tour

How could a day be more perfect than when it's filled with the most delicous free and fair trade Ben & Jerry's ice cream, perfect summer weather, good live music and lovely people? :) Right, it could hardly be any better! :)

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

But first things first: back in the 1970s, there have once been two guys in the USA who were students and joined a 5$ class about how to make ice cream. The two of them invented crazy ice cream flavors and decided that all people should be able to enjoy their awesome creations. They took their saved money, lent some more and in the end they had about 12.000$ to open their first Scoop Shop in a restyled gas station in Vermont. Those two young guys with a vision and an incredible sense for delicious ice cream are called Ben and Jerry and that's when the story of their own ice cream brand has started.
Before it gets too long over here, make sure to hop over to the Ben & Jerry's page and read the whole story about Ben & Jerry's ice cream and about their values and fair trade concept!

Ben & Jerry's Taste & Tunes Tour 2014

So now that you know about everything about how this great ice cream brand has been founded, here's my own Ben & Jerry's story.
Some weeks ago, I have been asked if I wanted to visit Ben & Jerry's Taste & Tunes Tour in Berlin, an event with free ice cream and live music, just like a big open air party. Of course I wanted and which kind of blogger cooperation could be more fun than visiting such an event, handing out ice cream, tasting all the flavors and then writing about it? :) So I was absolutely in! 
When I came to the Arena in Berlin yesterday, the team was still preparing for the afternoon, but everything has already been so pretty and colorful, just my kind of style. I love Ben & Jerry's corporate design and all their cute cow and ice cream illustrations and those colors make me oh so happy!
There were two buses with ice cream, one with shorties and one with the large ice cream pots with their new flavors 'All or Nut-ting' and 'Caramel Sutra', mhh! 
When the doors to the area opened at 1 p.m., it was incredible how the crowds came in, just as if there has been a rock star at a concert. :D 
So the event was opened and masses of people came to the ice cream trucks and stand in line. wowza!
The most fun thing for me was handing out ice cream out myself. In my next life I'm definitely gonna be an ice cream vendor. :)
To cut the huge ice cream packages into halves, there was the so-called 'core-divider'. Such a cool thing! Thus, one could really see the delicious core of every ice cream flavor.
Even a few hours later, the masses of people didn't get less, this ice cream is just too popular. :)
The whole Ben & Jerry's team was just so friendly and charming, created a great atmosphere around there, gave me a super warm welcome and let me try out everyhing I wanted.
The location for this tour day was great, because the Arena is next to the Spree and one can even see the TV Tower from there.
Apart from the ice cream buses, there was also an info booth for getting to know the brand better and for getting merchandise for free, one just had to share photos on social media channels.
The Ben & Jerry's boys must have felt like rock stars with all the screaming people in front of them! ;)
Strawberry Chessecake is one of my absolutely fave flavors.
During the whole day, there has also be a band playing good live music, just perfect!
The whole crew was so funny and charming and made this day extra special!
Oh my, I have always been a lover of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, but after this awesome event and after I got more insights behind the scenes and got to know about the story of the brand, I love it even more.
Thanks for this awesome day and for all the ice cream! :)

Happy day, everyone, and make sure to check out the tour dates, maybe there will also be free ice cream in your city!? :)

P.S.: Although this blogpost was written in the context of a cooperation, this of course does neither touch, nor influence my personal opinion. Thanks!

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