Saturday, June 28, 2014

DIY: Dishtowel Sewing Tutorial and Fabric Printing Inspiration

Hey everyone, happy weekend! Today it's time for a new DIY! You know I love simple potato fabric printing, right? :) I wanted to make dishtowels with my own patterns, so I combined the process of printing onto fabric with a simple sewing tutorial.
This tutorial is pretty easy and absolutely suitable for sewing beginners. Have fun!

What you need for sewing and printing your own dishtowels:

You need this for sewing the dishtowels:
- White fabric (depending on amount & size of your dishtowels - I simply used old ones as pattern)
- Cottons cords
- Sewing machine and sewing supplies like scissors, pins and measuring tape
- Hot iron and ironing board
- Makes it easier: roll cuter and cutting board (mine are from Snaply)

You need this for fabric printing:
- Textile colors, brushes, potatoes, a sharp knife
- Paper or old newspaper to put under the fabric while printing

How to sew a dishtowel:

First of all, use an old dishtowel as pattern or take its measurements to cut the fabric. I put four layers onto each other and cut all of them with my roll cutter at once.
Next, fold over all four edges twice and pin them.
Now use your sewing machine to sew the layers of the edge onto each other. Top-stitch and make two seams next to each other.
Then  iron the edges.
Finally, sew the cord into one corner (you could also do this before folding over the edges to hide its end under the folded fabric).

How to print your dishtowel:

After your dishtowel is finished, you can then print it with any pattern you like.
Therefore, you will need textile colors in any color you like. Make sure that it's color which can be washed on a higher temperature afterwards so that you can always properly get your dishtowels clean.
Use a sharp knife and cut out simple shapes, spread textile color onto the potato slices and print.
After the color has dried, you will normally have to iron the fabric to make the colors last longer. Therefore, put an old piece of fabric between the hot iron and your dishtowel to protect it.

Your own handmade dishtowels:

That's it, you're done! Yippie!
The dotty dishtowel might be my favorite one, not only because it reminds me of Mogli's fur. :D
This arrow pattern is so pretty, too.
How much I like the color combination of yellow and rose!
That was lots of fun and really easy! Those towels are a great gift and make every kitchen look prettier!
Enjoy sewing & printing your own ones and don't forget to share photos! :)
Happy weekend!


  1. cute and simple idea really, I think I'll try!

  2. nice work! I've printed my own before but not sewing them. I'll sure give it a try next time

  3. Süße Idee! Da macht das Abtrocknen doch gleich viel mehr Freude!
    lg Anita

  4. Super Idee! Ich hatte im Mai auch mal mit Textilfarbe gehändelt und ich bin auf den Geschmack gekommen. Na mal sehen was dann bei mir raus kommt.

    LG, Prisha

  5. Wow, die Farben sind der Knaller. Voll schön Lou.
    Starte gut in die neue Woche, liebste Grüße, Eva

  6. LOVE this! Am also in desperate need for new towels, thanks for the inspiration <3

  7. Die schwarzen Punkte gefallen mir am allerbesten!!! :-) Soooooooo schön!!!!!! Ich habe letztens mit Limetten und Zitronen gedruckt. Das sah auch so grandios aus! Wäre auch perfekt für Geschirrtücher. Liebe Grüße... Michaela :-)


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