Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Springtime Girl's Daytrip to the Baltic Sea

Hi everyone! Two weeks ago, my friends Jilli, Rieke and I spontaneously drove to the Baltic Sea just for one day, the best idea ever!! It was a super sunny and warm spring day, the sky was blue as can be and we enjoyed it sooo much!

A happy girl's trip to the seaside

We got up early in the morning and met at Jill's place. She has a VW bus (awesome!!) and was the driver on that day. Mogli was allowed to come with us and he took place next to me on the back seat, looking like a furry kid going on holiday. ;)
The weather was simply awesome, there were only a few people on the beach on Usedom on that day and we spent the day with wandering around the beach, LOTS of food breaks, playing with Mogli and simply being busy with enjoying life.
Each of us brought something for the picnic, so we were having vegetables, sandwiches, a potato salad, a cake and a fruit salad, hmm! Fresh air at the sea makes hungry! :)
 It was so warm that we could even lie in the sand for some time, pure happiness!
 Greedy little Mogli, although he had his own snacks for that day. ;D
Unbelievable: perfect weather, white sand, blue sky, nearly turquoise water and for some there was no one else on the beach except us. With some imagination, it felt like being on an island far away.
This girl's day was just perfect and made the three of us super happy! I'd love to turn back time and have this day once again. :)
Happy weekend!


  1. Wie wundervoll, die Bilder! So ein Strand für sich zu haben bei solch traumhaften Wetter stell ich mir wirklich toll vor. Das Bild aus der Nähe von dir mag ich, siehst richtig zufrieden aus:)
    LG Hanna

  2. wow, super schön. Da habe ich gleich Lust bekommen meine Mädels einzupacken und los zu düsen.
    Mh, ich kann die Seeluft förmlich riechen. Hab Dank für deine tollen Bilder. :-)

    Liebste Grüße

  3. Che meraviglia di posto e che bel caneeeee!!! Anto

  4. Das sieht wundervoll aus! In meinen Augen gibt es nichts schöneres als einen menschenleeren Strand, den man erkunden darf :)

  5. Oh wie toll! Das sieht nach einem wunderbar spaßigen Tag aus! :)

  6. Superschön! Ihr seid so süße Mädels, das sieht nach guter Laune aus. (: Und Mogli ist mal wieder der Hammer, seine Ausdrücke sind stets die Besten!

  7. Das sieht traumhaft aus. Wo genau ist das ?.. Wollen diesen Sommer das erste mal mit Hund nach Usedom und suchen einen schönen Strand.

    Ahoi aus Hamburg,

    1. Liebe Asia, das ist in Bansin auf Usedom. :) Liebe Grüße, Lu


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