Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blog Makeover - Insights into my Creative Process

Hello hello hello! Eeeks, I'm so excited, because here's my new blog layout on which I've been working for the last few days and which I've been planning for the last month.
At the end of the last year, I felt the desire to make a few changes on my blog and to redesign some elements and structures. In January, I was super busy with studying for this semester's exams (which I all passed, yayy! :)) and didn't have the time to get started, but I used train rides and free minutes to think about a concept and to make first sketches.
What was most important to me was to keep my style and the feel of this blog while changing parts of the blog's structure and making some elements a little bit more minimalistic. To make it easier for new readers to navigate my blog, I wanted to make two button bars out of the one bar I had before, I wanted to split it up into one navigation bar for content and categories and one button bar for organizational and informational stuff.
Moreover, I wanted to change some of the sub-pages of my blog and add more content to my archives.
Making sketches and writing down ideas was tons of fun and absolutely helped me to sort my thoughts and to make a list of what to make first and of what to do later. Thus, it made it easier to focus on what was most important and to get started as soon as I was ready and got enough time.
The color scheme I wanted to use and implement into my new design came to my mind quite early, long before I knew how the new structure would look like. I kept my standard pink (the second one from the left side) and added rose, coral and two shades of yellow. Those colors are pure happiness to me and fit my style extremely well.
As a next step, I made my ideas and sketches come true and created the elements as image file in photoshop. I'm a really visual person and working this way helps me to imagine the final look and lets me see how the single elements fit together. This step is one of my fave parts. :)
As each time when I'm making bigger visual changes on my blog come true, my best friend Anja is a great help: although I had a clear vision of how I wanted everything to look like and implemented all changes myself, she always has lots of extremely useful extra feedback and advice for me and sees tiny details to be improved which I don't see myself (she's a media designer and has lots of experience and an eye for aesthetics :)) and I'm always super thankful for her help and I learn a lot. :*
In the end, I think I was able to keep the feel and overall happy and colorful look of my blog, but I decluttered the sidebar, changed buttons, navigation and some other structures, put a bigger focus on content with adding the big buttons which direct to my archives and I made navigation for new readers easier.
When thinking about my blog in the past few years, it's always super satisfying for me to be able to improve my blog's design nearly on my own and I'm so happy about all the knowledge I've gained. This time, I even made lots of changes in the basic html code of my blog without destroying anything, this makes me extra proud. ;)
Can't wait to hear your opinions!
While I'm already enjoying my blog's new look, there are still some minor changes to be made, but most of the work has been done.
Happy week!


  1. Liebe Lu,
    das Makeover ist dir sowas von gelungen, denn das neue Layout sieht einfach fabelhaft aus. Die Farbenkombination der verschiedenen Pink/Gelbtöne gefällt mir besonders gut. So sommerlich alles!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Schniiiieke!!! Ich mag deinen Blog so gern und freu mich immer, wenn ich dich unbekannterweise irgendwo in Potsdam und so hübsch gekleidet sichte :).

    Weiter so!!!

  3. Klar, schön, übersichtlich und witzig zugleich. Sehr gelungen, liebe Lu! Ich freue mich, wenn ich mal Einblicke bekomme, wie andere arbeiten. Danke fürs Zeigen!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Liebe Lu,
    deine neue Farbkombination mag ich total gern, das passt einfach und macht mir noch viel mehr Lust auf Frühling und Sommer!:) Noch übersichtlicher und schöner als zuvor alles und es juckt mir in den Fingern, auch mal was Neues zu machen.;)
    Hab einen schönen Tag und alles Liebe

  5. das bist einfach du und das ist toll so! die farben harmonieren sehr toll und sind trotz gelb sehr gut lesbar. ich mag besonders deine neue sidebar.
    mir persönlich ist die untere menübar etwas zu dominant dem header gegenüber, aber dennoch stimmig.

  6. Looks gook. Like the color scheme.

  7. Liebe Lu,

    ich mag die Übersicht am Seitenanfang und deinen neuen Header sehr gerne. Auch die Banner unter dem Header sind von der Idee her toll (schöne Farben!!), aber ich muss Stef zustimmen, dass sie durch die Form und die Schrift ziemlich dominant wirken und dem Header und den schönen Schreibschriften etwas die Leichtigkeit nehmen. Insgesamt finde ich das Layout aber gelungen (:

    Alles Liebe,

  8. Das hast du ganz wundervoll gemacht! Es ist bestimmt toll und motivierend so ein überarbeitetes Bloglayout zu haben. Ich überlege gerade, ob ich vielleicht auch mal was Neues machen könnte:)

  9. Dein neues Layout ist richtig schön geworden, die Farben sind so schön frühlingshaft.
    LG Steffi


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!