Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Review: origrami (Instagram Photo Printing Service)

Hello hello! Most of you may have already noticed that I'm a little bit obsessed about Instagram, haven't you? :) Instagram is my favorite toy in everyday life and I take several photos nearly every day. I was super excited when I first heard about origrami which is a Sydney-based indpendent business for creating beautiful Instagram prints and the happier I was when they provided me a package with my Instagram photo prints for review.
On their website you can choose between two options, the retroprint (this is the option which I have chosen) and the squareprint. Both options include 36 photos, the retroprints are 4"x5" (=10x12,7cm) wide and cost 21,95$ (= ca. 15€) and the squareprints are 4"x4" wide and cost 19,95$.
Although the squareprints are super pretty, too, I chose the retroprints, because I like their polaroid look. :)
The photos come with a super pretty cardboard package with a white camera print on it, so nice to look at!
It wasn't easy to decide on 36 photos and limit my favorite summer photos to this number, but in the end, I picked out my favorites and was so excited to hold them in my hands.
This photo might me one of my favorites from this summer. :)
The quality of the printed Instagram photos is really good (although the photos were just printed from my phone photos I took via Instagram) and the colors are as bright as they were on my display. When I opened my origrami package, I coudn't stop arranging and then rearranging the photos over and over again. ;)
What is really special is that these photos either have a photomap, a postcard style or these super pretty colorful camera images on their back. The photomap can only be chosen when you use geo tags for your photos (which I never do), but the colorful cameras are my favorite background anyways.
On the bottom of each photo's back, there's the date on which the photo was taken, how many likes it got on Instagram and there's your photo description (with hashtags) that you once used when you uploaded the photo. I think this is super nice for keeping it as a memory for your personal photo collection.

I really really enjoyed looking through all those photos while holding them in my hands and remembering all those precious moments from this past summer!
To me, origrami is awesome and I'm sure this won't be the last time I ordered prints of my photos. :)
To conclude, I'm extremely satisfied with the result, the photo's quality, the price (and worldwide shipping is free!), the nice contact and not to forget how fast they have arrived (less than two weeks from the other side of the world!), so I can absolutely recommend origrami as Instagram photo printing service! The only condition for printing out your photo via origrami is having an Instagram account in which you can then directly log in via their website.
Can't wait to make a huge photo album with Instagram photo!
Happy day!

P.S.: Although this blog post was sponsored by origrami (I got their photo package for review), this does not touch my personal opinion on them and of course I wouldn't recommend them if I wasn't completely satisfied. Thanks! :)


  1. These are really adorable! Love the packaging too! It's such an interesting way to do it!
    Lauren x

  2. Voll schön sind die Fotos mit diesen bunten Hintergründen. Ich möchte möglichst bald ein kleines Fotoalbum machen mit meinen schönsten Sommerfotos:)

  3. Hej Lu! Ich hab dich durch roboti liebt entdeckt , und dein Vielbuntefarbenblog hat mich so inspiriert , dass ich mir doch sofort einen bunten Blumenstrauss kaufen gegangen bin :) !
    Herzliche Grüße Ursula

    1. Ohh wie schön, was für ein tolles Kompliment, ich freu mich riesig! :) Dann genieß den Anblick Deiner Blumen und tolle Woche noch! :)

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