Monday, October 07, 2013

Favorite Restaurants and Cafes: Lu Loves Glücklich am Park

Do you know those places where you would travel really far just to go there because they are so pretty and it simply makes you happy being there? Kauf Dich Glücklich (in English: Buy yourself happy) and Glücklich am Park (in English: Happy in the park) are some of those places! Kauf Dich Glücklich is a fashion online shop and they also have several small offline stores. Two of them are located in Berlin. One of them is only a cafe, the other one - which is Glücklich am Park - also sells fashion.
For all of you Berlin people among my readers, this place might not be something new for you, but because many of you live somewhere else and often send me e-mails asking for Potsdam and Berlin places which are a must see and go, I couldn't resist showing you this place which belongs to my favorites when spending time in Berlin, in summer as well as in winter.

I always go to Glücklich im Park (or also to Kauf Dich glücklich) because of their nice furniture, their lovely atmosphere and because of their heavenly good waffles, hmmm, but you can also get the best ice cream, savory waffles and good coffee and in summer, they will also serve refreshing drinks.
Everything in there is filled with vintage furniture, pretty pops of color, bright and white walls and cute decor elements.
My very favorite thing there are the sweet waffles with hot cherries or ice cream, my very very favorite ice cream flavor there is Milchschnitte (which is a creamy German sweet treat made with lots of milk and sugar ;)), yum!
What I love a lot are all the colorful chairs and white tables outside, maybe the thing which this place is most famous for. In summer, I love sitting outside and drinking a super refreshing elderflower syrup drink with fresh mint, so delicious!
The whole place is so nice to look at, on the inside as well as on the outside. It simply makes me happy going there and see all the pretty details.
If you're in Berlin, you definitely have to go there and try a waffle, you won't regret it! :)

Here's how you can find Glücklich am Park:
Glücklich am Park
Kastanienallee 54
10119 Berlin
Call: 030 / 41 72 565
Click to visit their website


  1. Zu schade dass ich so weit weg wohne , aber Berlin steht in meiner " dasmussichunbedingtnochsehn" Liste ganz weit oben !
    Die kleine Holzbankecke gefällt mir beonders gut !
    Liebe Grüße Ursula

  2. ach das sieht richtig, richtig schön aus...wie ich schon auf instagram geschrieben habe, berlin und potsdam rufen immer lauter ;-), liebste grüsse aus basel, francesca

  3. HA! Wir trinken immer unseren "Berlin-Kaffee" bei Bonanza, am Anfang der Straße und haben uns da im Sommer mal ein Eis geholt. War gut, nach einer gefühlten Stunde anstehen :D Aber wo es gut schmeckt, da isses halt (meist) voll, ne?! ;)

    liebe Grüße

  4. Ich glaube, das heißt "Glücklich AM Park" nicht "im"... aber das nur am Rande ;-) Ich mag das auch und war da schon öfter! LG!

  5. Oh ja, ich war vor zwei Jahren in Berlin und entdeckte Glücklich am Park durch Zufall, weil ich zu "Frau Tulpe" wollte, beim Parkplatz suchen ( ist ganz in der Nähe). Mein Sohn, damals 11 und ich waren ganz begeistert. Diesen Sommer haben wir gleich zwei Kauf dich glücklich - Läden in München entdeckt und groß eingekauft. Leider gab es da keine Waffeln mit Eis. Es wird Zeit, dass wir wieder nach Berlin fahren.
    LG Isil


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