Saturday, October 12, 2013

5 Different Handmade Necklaces - DIY: Geometrical Wooden Ornament Necklace

Hello and happy weekend, my dear readers! Do you remember my last posts featuring the craft supplies of my sponsor idee. Creativmarkt? I posted a tutorial for how to make an easy wire statement necklace, a project for how to make a toy animal necklace and another DIY for making a faux leather bunting necklace. This time, I'm going to show you how to make a geometrical wooden ornament necklace, also using craft supplies I have chosen and idee. Creativmarkt sponsored for this cooperation. Have fun making your own version of this necklace!
Here's what you need (most items available at idee.):
- Paint brushes
- Acrylic paint in different colors
- Tape
- A necklace clasp, jewellery glue and a (cotton) string or cord for the necklace
- A jewellery plier
- Round hooks and a wooden mini board (available at the hardware store)
Use the tape to create the pattern you want to paint on the wooden mini board and use it to cover the parts you don't want to paint. Paint the board, let the paint dry and use another color to add a pretty pattern.
Next, take one of your hooks and wind it into the wooden board.
Take your string and pull it through the hook. Next, use the jewellery glue and the plier to attach the string to the necklace clasp. Let the glue dry properly and then your necklace is ready to be worn! :)
Yayyy, super easy and so pretty! Can't wait to make more of these with other patterns and colors! :)
Have fun!
P.S.: As always, although some of the supplies for this blog post have been sponsored, this doesn't touch my opinion on the sponsor or my decisions concerning this blog post's content!


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