Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 Different Handmade Necklaces - DIY: Faux Leather Scallop Bunting Necklace.

Hello, hello! Remember my last post featuring the craft supplies of my sponsor idee. Creativmarkt? I posted a tutorial for how to make an easy wire statement necklace and another DIY for how to make a toy animal necklace. This time, inspired by Anja's triangle bunting necklace, I'm going to show you how to make a faux leather scallop bunting necklace, also using craft supplies I have chosen and idee. Creativmarkt sponsored for this cooperation. Have fun making your own necklace!
Here's what you need (partly available via idee.):
- A necklace chain and a necklace clasp
- Tiny jewellery rings
- Jewellery plier and scissors
- Faux leather
- A sharp item like a bradawl (or a hole puncher for leather)
Although the tutorial is relatively self-explanatory, I'm gonna tell you a few sentences: cut out tiny faux leather scraps and cut them into scallop-shapes.
Use your bradawl (or other sharp tool) to make holes at the top corners. Then use your plier and the tiny rings to connect the faux leather pieces.
Connect all of them and finally attach the chain.
Then you only need the clasp.
Use two more jewellery rings to connect the clasp with the chain.
That's it!
Have fun with your new necklace! :)
P.S.: As always, although the supplies for this blog post have been sponsored, this doesn't touch my opinion on the sponsor or my decisions concerning this blog post's content! :)


  1. I love this :) so simple and yet so genius! definitely going to make these, thank you! :)

  2. Simple idea, but impressive! I love it!

  3. great ..:)
    i like it.

  4. i like it.. job.. :)

  5. LIKE IT.. COOL..

  6. great job.. :)

  7. Thank u so much for sharing this post i live this :)


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