Friday, August 23, 2013

A Girl's Weekend in Casselfornia Video Made by Squeaky Swing.

Dear readers! Just a few weeks ago, Anja, Stefanie and I spent a super awesome long girl's weekend in my old hometown Kassel. Stefanie has been filming with her camera and captured some beautiful memories from our time, I'm so thankful for that! She uploaded the video to youtube (I love it!!!) and also just wrote a blog post about our time in Casselfornia. :* I already miss her so much and am so happy to see Anja so often!!
I'm so incredibly thankful for all the friends I have made through blogging!!


  1. das instantbild ist so große liebe, genauso das video <3333

  2. schönes video... macht lust auf filmen!
    lg pami

  3. toooooll!!!! das lied passt auch super <3 ich will auch videos drehen!!!! sofooooooort!

  4. sooo ein schönes video!! <3


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