Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Awesome Summer Surprise Package by heimatPOTTential.

Hello, hello! :) Some weeks ago, I received the most awesome summer package ever! Juli of heimatPOTTential, a great blog about Germany's Ruhr Valley, sent me this fantastic package as a surprise (I just forgot to share photos on the blog ;)). It was filled with everything that you need in summer: happy words, soap bubbles, a water pistol, popsicles, lollipops, a polka dot bunting and some other things. Isn't that package super cute?? I love presents which have been carefully put together and ideas that are so thoughful! Such surprises make me incredibly happy and also thankful for all the awesome people I met through blogging! :)
Thank you again, Juli!
For all of you who don't know her blog, yet, make sure to check it out and leave some kind words! :)
Happy Saturday!


  1. Juli and her blog are the best in the blogging world! I love reading her blog posts and photos. I even have one of her graphical drawings in my bedroom. :D The package you got is awesome! That's some Juli spirit! :-)


  2. so ein tolles packeeeet <3

  3. Liebe Lu, ich hab mich so gefreut, letztens das Foto von Dir mit dem Apfelring zu sehen! Und auch über diesen Post freue ich mich :) So macht Freude machen nooooch mehr Spaß <3


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