Saturday, December 29, 2012

My life in Instagram photos: the time before Christmas.

Dear readers, this is my last Instagram photos post this year. The next one will follow in January and include all the Christmas and holiday photos. :) I very much hope you were all enjoying Christmas and are having awesome holidays! :)
So here's what happened in my everyday life during the time before Christmas. :)
This is the pretty fabric store in Potsdam in which I have been working for the last 1 1/2 years, but my last week has come... // Tasty dinner. // Snoooooow on the balcony!! :* // Sleeping doggie baby. // Snow walk with my two loved ones. :)
Tiny St. Nicholas surprises for my colleagues. // Winter outfit. // Mr. Moustache mug production for my shop. // I made a little cape for Mogli to protect him from the cold. :) // Crafting. // Baby! :*
Doggie, it's cold outside. // We found the most awesome snowman in our neighborhood. // Making a doggie bow tie for a customer. // Cutting fabric for Mama's Christmas surprise, I sewed a huge patchwork pillow case. // Cozy winter outfit.
Super warm, new winter boots. // Organic shopping. // New, handmade winter loop scarf. // Mogli and his owl neckerchief. :) // Anja brought me the cutest tiny Christmas hat ever. :D // Working in the kitchen.
My rubber boots for rainy days. // Matching colors. :) // Working on Flo's huuuge Christmas present: a handmade patchwork blanket. // Christmas decor in my room. // Wrapping Christmas presents.
Done! :) // Super delicious brunch. // Wearing my new reindeer sweater. // On my shelf. // Winter outfit for a good-bye dinner with my colleagues. // A pretty surprise from etsy. :)
Candy color outfit. // We bought tons of Christmas cookies. // I made two new pillows. :) // My last day at work! I quit my job in the fabric store because in January I'm gonna begin a social media internship at DaWanda for a few months. :) Can't wait and I'm super excited about this new adventure, but it was hard to say good bye to my colleagues and to leave the fabric store behind me. I learned a lot during the 1 1/2 years I've been working there and I really loved my job! New year, new challenges! ;) // My colleagues and my boss were so sweet to give me super cute presents before I left. I had to fight against my tears all day. ;) // And we finally got our Christmas tree! Prepared for the holidays!

While you are reading this, I'm enjoying my Christmas holidays and I hope you are doing the same! :)


  1. Schöne Bilder!
    Besonders Mogli im roten Cape sieht ja sowas von herzallerliebst aus! :)

  2. Wieder mal eine sehr bunte und wunderbare Fotowelt.Ich mag das Kissen mit den vier Stoffen sehr gerne. Da freu ich mich gleich auf meine Nähmaschine die auf mich wartet!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are all so pretty!
    You had so much snow in Germany :O We have had nothing but wet weather. Very jealous!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas xox


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