Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lu Loves Indie Labels - Olenka Vintage

Hey everyone, today I want to introduce and welcome my latest sponsor, Alex of Olenka Vintage!

A short time ago, I have invited her to advertise on my blog, because I love her shop on DaWanda in which she sells carefully chosen vintage and second hand pieces of clothing. Last year, I found her shop while I was searching for vintage dresses on DaWanda and since then, I have bought three of her awesome dresses which now belong to my favorite ones in my wardrobe (one can be seen here, another one can be seen here, worn by Stef of Magnoliaelectric during out vintage clothing shoot). Even my mama has bought something pretty in Alex' shop. :)

When Stef, Stefanie and I started our "How to Shop and Style Vintage Clothes" series last summer, I sent Alex a mail so that she could see what her customers do with her clothes and then I thought it would be a good idea to invite her as a sponsor, because I REALLY like her shop, her clothes and the overall look of Olenka Vintage and now I can happily welcome her here! :)

Alex answered me a few questions in order to let you know more about her shop and the idea behind it and I hope that some of you will fall as much in love with her range of clothes as I did. :)

Alex, the young woman behing the shop Olenka Vintage (Olenka comes from the Polish belittlement for Alexandra), is 29 years old, has a five year old son and lives in Heidelberg. When I asked her how she developed the idea to open her own DaWanda shop, she told me that she has been in India to find out about what she wanted to do in the future, she has gone there after she had just finished her studies (Sociology and Management Studies). Afterwards, she decided to make something she likes and with which she could earn money, because she had plenty of time (applying for and getting a job took her longer than she had expected) and because she doesn't like doing nothing at all.

She has always been a big fan of vintage things and at this time, she got to know a wholesaler who then started providing her with awesome vintage clothes and from who she still gets all the awesome, unique pieces you can find in her shop. At about the same time, Alex discovered DaWanda and she was excited about the idea to pass on the clothes which she liked so much to other women, because she could hardly keep and wear them all by herself. :) This way, Alex is able to find fulfilment in her passion for special pieces of clothing without having to fear that her wardrobe could explode.

Concerning the time when she started her little business with vintage clothes, Alex told me that in September 2010, about two years ago, she has started to take photos in her living-room and has listed the first items on DaWanda. Then, she soon realized that her customers like and appreciate the clothes she chooses and that's what made her really happy. Now she shares a small studio with a band where she takes her photos and where she stores her clothes. Only a short time ago she sold her 1000th piece of clothing which makes her really happy (congratulations!! :)).

Olenka Vintage now takes a lot of time. Alex has stayed self-employed and does the marketing for an art agency. What is more, she also does the accountancy for a bike store and even holds workshops for kids in a library. As you can see, she carries out various, slightly different jobs (what she totally likes) and she also has her son with whom the day is filled out until the evenings.

Her love for vintage - the really old, original things - has always been a part of Alex' life. As she told me, she has always had a certain nostalgia for the 60s and 70s, although she's only 29. She has grown up with the music of this time and at the age of 16, she bought her first leather coat from the 70s on a flea market. What Alex currently is excited about are the 80s and 90s.
  Because she is someone who cares a lot about sustainability and who has an aweness for ecological concerns, it was bad for her to know that a huge part of all second hand clothes are simply turned into cleaning rags by the industry and she wanted to save those precious pieces in order to use things in a sustainable way. She can't stand the thought that things are thrown away and destroyed, although they still completely fulfil their function. Not only because of this she's happy about the current vintage trend! What is more, Alex also likes that by means of shopping used clothes, one can still afford a certain quality standard which one maybe couldn't afford when buying completely new clothes.
  After getting to know all those things about Alex, her shop and the concept behind it, I even love it more! :)
I hope you're gonna have a look at all the amazing things she offers, too! I check out her shop on a regular basis and each time I'm fascinated by all the new, unique pieces. I love when clothes have been worn before and can tell a story and I always imagine how the previous owner might have been like and to which occasions those clothes have already been worn! :)

Those two pieces are some of Alex's favorite items in her shop (too bad that they have already been sold :)). The mini dress is a designer piece from Yvette Paris, made of golden velvet fabric with a paisley pattern.)

Thanks again for letting us know more about you and your shop, dear Alex! :)

(If you are interested in advertising on my blog, too, you can read my sponsor information. :))


  1. Ein wundertoller Shop, ich war gleich ein bisschen stöbern. Vor allem die Röcke und Kleider sind ein Traum. Gratuliere zu so einem tollen Sponsor liebe Lu!

  2. Der lila Overall ist ja lustig :)

  3. Toller Post, nun muss ich mir ihren Shop gleich mal genauer angucken *gg*

  4. Das ist ein wirklich interessanter Beitrag. :) Danke fürs teilen, ich werd da mal wieder vorbeischauen.

  5. Wundervoll! Hört sich alles sehr sehr sympathisch und toll an. Glückwunsch, dass du sie als Sponsorin gewinnen konntest - passt auch echt super zu deinem Blog! (:

    Alles Liebe,

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