Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sponsoring information for Luloveshandmade.

Hello everyone! Here's my sponsor call for October. :)
You want to advertise on my blog and you have your own blog or shop which you want to promote and show it to other people?

If you consider advertising on Luloveshandmade, you can send an e-mail to luloveshandmade(at)web(dot)de concerning the details and concerning monthly rates.

I offer ad spots in the left sidebar with a width of 160 pixel. All ads have to thematically somehow match my blog's content and I only accept sponsors whose products or concepts I like. What is more, all ads have to be visually appealing and match my blog's style. :)

Last month, my blog had about 25.000 clicks and has an average of 800 clicks each day.
Most of my readers are women at an average age of 15 to 35, interested in fashion, DIY, handmade things, vintage, sewing, crafting and home decor.
My blog has more than 650 readers via google friend connect plus more than 300 readers via bloglovin'. What is more, there are also lots of readers who do not follow my blog publicly, but nevertheless, read it on a regular basis. Furthermore, I have more than 400 followers on Pinterest and 140 fans on Facebook.

Concerning the ads, there are three sizes available:
Large: 160 x 240 pixel, only one ad per month, displayed directly below my profile information.
Medium: 160 x 160 pixel, displayed below the large ad, rotated in the middle of the month.
Small: 160 x 80 pixel, displayed below the medium ads, rotated mid month.

Here you can also have a look at the ad sizes which are available for my blog.

If you are interested in booking several months at once (for example to prepare for the holidays, etc), there'll be a discount.

What is more, there's always the option of including a giveaway and I briefly introduce all shops at the beginning of each month. :)

If you have any questions, just feel free to contact me via e-mail! :)

Moreover, I also offer to host giveaways (seperately from those I offer for my sponsors), but only giveaways which include items that I personally like! I'd love you to contact me to talk about the details.

Another option are product reviews: I'd love to test and give feedback on your products which somehow have to do with what my blog is about: fashion, DIY, handmade things, sewing, crafting, vintage, lifestyle and home decor.

Finally, you can also contact me concerning fashion posts: I do a lot of outfit photos and if you think your items (accessories, clothes, ...) match my personal style and you would like me to wear your pieces of clothing in my outfit posts, feel free to ask me. :) I'd love to promote products and businesses that I personally like! :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Wie gro├čartig sind denn bitte Deine Stiefel!? :-) Alles Liebe, Vivi :-*


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