Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New business cards and leaflets.

Hello! :) First of all, thank you for all the amazing comments and feedback you gave me for my booth at the market last weekend, they made my heart melt and I felt so flattered and happy, thank you so much! :) Although I do not always find the time to respond to every single comment, I read each one carefully and appreciate your feedback a lot, it always makes my day!!
Today I wanna share with you my new business cards and leaflets which I of course took to the market with me.
Since I have been running out of my old business cards, I thought it was the perfect time to get new ones and to even order some leaflets. I somehow had an idea how they should look like (lots of white with pink and colors to reflect the color scheme I like and to match my blog's style and the look of my home and my overall favourite color concept. I talked about it with Anja, she's always the one who helps me with such things, because she's a future media designer (next year she'll be done :)) and a great help (and she also designed my last business cards).
I wanted the font which I always use for my blog and then Anja designed those pretty leaflets and business cards for me.

I love the lace that she added and I love the clean look, because it's mainly white and Anja chose a plain font for the text.
Here I simply love the choice of colors and that the leaflets are so bright and still colorful! :) I think they are just perfect for my little indie business.
I'm so thankful for Anja's help and I was really happy that we were able to order them before the market last weekend and many customers grabbed a leaflet and took it home with them. :)
How do you like my new business cards and leaflets? :)


  1. Wunderschönes Design, die sehen wirklich toll aus und spiegeln dich gut wider!
    Die Qualität wirkt auch super gut. Wo hast du die denn bestellt?

  2. Die sehen total toll aus! I like i like i like :-)
    Grüssle San von Mimi Sew

  3. toll!!! wo sind die her? Ich brauche auch mal neue ;-)

  4. Wow, die sind wirklich wundervoll! Richtig schön, professionell und dennoch repräsentieren sie deinen Stil perfekt! Hat Anja toll gemacht. (: Darf ich fragen, wo ihr beides habt drucken lassen?

    Alles Liebe,

  5. They look adorable, I really love the colour theme you used. I think it reflects the happy products that you make.

  6. Das Design passt so gut zu deinem Blog und den schönen Dingen, die du fabrizierst! Sind richtig toll geworden! Du hast ja so richtig dein eigenes kleines Label inzwischen :)

  7. Total schön! Ich finde Visitenkarten sind eine tolle Sache, wenn man eine größere Bloggemeinde und so einen süßen Shop hat :) Wünsche dir alles Gute mit deinem 'Label'!

  8. They're fabulous! The 'look' fits perfectly with your style and your blog and everything! :-)

  9. Die sehen wirklich super aus und passen total gut zu dir, so wie man dich hier kennen lernt! Dein Marktstand hat auch wirklich schön ausgesehen, ich hab kommendes Wochenende meine Marktpremiere und bin gerade dabei alles fertig zu machen.
    Liebe Grüße, Katinka

  10. They are so cute, colorful and bright! I think that they represent your Indie Business perfectly! :-)

  11. Superschön und passen perfekt zu dir! :)

  12. Sehr gut, sehr professionell!

  13. Die Karten sehen toll aus!

    Mein DIY-Blog steckt gerade in den Startlöchern, vielleicht hast du Lust mal vorbeizuschauen.

    Johanna von

  14. they are very cool, very much YOU! that's important.

  15. Like the idea and all the info about Metal business cards..thanks you share it with us.

  16. fantastic ideas to make business card.really love this to see this kind of business cards.


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!