Friday, May 18, 2012

Photos of my everyday life.

Yay, I'm currently pretty addicted to Instagram (Luloveshandmade :)) and this is why I always have tons of colorful photos to share. :) So here's what happened recently:
1. My mother sent us some new, organic plants and I repotted them. :) // 2. This is the building in which I study, really!!! I have never seen a more beautiful campus! :) // 3. Lots of colorful, handmade oven clothes in my DaWanda shop with the prettiest kitchen fabrics.
1. I made a new bunting for my bedroom. // 2. Everyhing grows, our balcony is so colorful. :) // 3. I use wahsi tape and tiny toothpicks to make labels for my plants.
1. The Secret Garden: I discovered this beautiful, wild garden while I was walking the dog, I love it and I wish I owned such a pretty garden! // 2. Mogli spending time with me. <3 // 3. Lilac.
1. I love the moustache ring Hanna gave me for Christmas. // 2. Coral flip flops. // 3. I bought new fabric for colorful pillow cases that are supposed to match my new bunting. I'm trying out a new color scheme for my bedding. :)
1. My mother brought me this extremely beautiful vintage bowl she found at an antique mall. <3 // 2. + 3. Last weekend, Flo, Anja and I have been to a Lostprophets concert in Berlin, it was awesome!! It love this band so much, I've been listening to them since I was 15. :)
1. Tiny gifts for my friend Anja: I brought her one of my cress teacups and repotted a tiny sunflower. :) // 2. Flo and Mogli, the cat! :D // 3. Flo made the most delicious cake for our family Sunday. :)

Happy weekend!!


  1. So viel Farbe und Fröhlichkeit in deinen Bildern! Dein Blog macht glücklich! :-)

  2. Aaaah ich liebe Schnurrbärte! Dieser Ring ist grandios! :) Und die Fotos wie immer schön bunt.
    Du versprühst gute Laune :) Ich brauch auch unbedingt einen Balkon! Was man darauf alles machen kann.


  3. ein bild schöner, fröhlicher und interessanter als das andere.. und es gibt immer so viel darin zu entdecken.. :o) die neuen stoffe sind ein traum, allein das ansehen macht schon glücklich.. viel spaß beim verarbeiten.. liebe grüße und ein sonniges wochenende, gesa

  4. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses


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