Thursday, May 17, 2012

A fresh summer recipe.

Heyy! :) Time for a new recipe! Yesterday I made this extremely delicious lemonade and yoghurt after I had been wondering about what to use some of my favourite fruits for. :)
Here's what you need:
- Raspberries
- Limes
- Fresh lemon balm
- Cane sugar
- Elder flower syrup (but the recipe also works without it :))
- Natural yoghurt
- A sieve
Cut one lime into slices, chop the lemon balm and put a tablespoonfull of raspberries into a separate bowl and spread some sugar and pour a little bit of water over them so that some fruit juice comes out. Next, squeeze out one or two other limes and pour the juice into the carafe.
Next, take the raspberries with the sugar which now should be swimming in some juice and use a sieve to separate the liquid from the berries and then pour this juice into the carafe, too. Add a little bit more sugar, a bit of the elder flower syrup and fill in lots of water (but don't forget to leave some space for the fruits). Stir everything and finally add some raspberries, the lime slices and lemon balm leaves so that it looks pretty and that the lemonade can soak up the fruit's juice. :)
Use the rest of the raspberries and some sugar to produce a little bit more of the raspberry fruit juice, mix it with natural yoghurt and put some raspberries on top. Finally, use another lime to drip some lime juice over the yoghurt, sprinkle the yoghurt with chopped lemon balm and decorate the bowl. ;) That's it!
I hope you like this recipe as much as I do! Raspberry-lime is one of my favourite flavours and it tastes so fresh and fruity! Depending on how much sugar you use, the lemonade is rather sweet or sour, this depends on your personal taste. :)
Have fun trying it out! :)


  1. Oooh, das klingt gut. Das muss ich auf jeden Fall ausprobieren, ich liebe Sachen mit Himbeer-Limette-Geschmack :)

  2. Das klingt köstlich, vor allem die Limonade :)! Das erinnert mich daran, dass ich dringend mal wieder meine Erdbeerlimo machen muss...

  3. Luuu, das sieht so lecker au! Gerade ist hier herrlichster Sonnenschein, gepaart mit strahlend blauem Himmel und ich würde jetzt so gerne in meinen Laptop greifen und mir ein Glas dieser Limonade da rausholen! Es sieht wirklich einfach zu verlockend aus!
    Liebste Grüße, Coco


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