Friday, March 23, 2012


Hey, happy weekend! ;) Here's a whole bunch of new fake polaroid photos (taken with my fxcamera app for android - I love the look of the phone photos :)) to show you what I've been doing, seeing and creating recently. :)
As you can see and as I've already posted, we are growing flowers and vegetables for our balcony.
I sewed a lot and prepared lots of swap packages for a spring themed swap project I organized with a few friends and fellow bloggers (more about that soon, I promise :)).
I also bought lots of colorful zippers for sewing projects.
These are some colorful pouches I made for my shop, I love the pattern.
It's pretty warm and sunny in Potsdam and I love the lovely streets here. It's my favourite town.
As you can see on the photos, I had a healthy breakfast for one. :)
Eeeeks, fabric market in Potsdam, I bought lots of pretty fabrics for loop scarves and other things.
Have you already seen the posts about my pretty sewing room and about how I store my items?
Awww, this bag is so pretty, I bought it when we were in Bremen to visit our friends.
A few days ago I received the first two spring swap packages from my blogging pal herzekleid and my friend wolkengleich, they sent me such pretty things! More photos coming soon! <3
I love my wardrobe and my growing collection of colorful dresses, I couldn't resist taking a photo.
Haha, poor Mogli, he's lovesick and crying a lot because he'd love to meet the nice dog ladies of our neighbourhood... :D
Flo and I recently spent the best Sunday afternoon in Berlin. We ate frozen yoghurt at yoli, went to the flea market and ate hamburgers at vego foodworld, a vegetarian / vegan burger restaurant.
Goodbye, winter boots, hello, spring sneakers, tights and dresses! <3
We saw lots of old suitcases and vintage furniture at the Wall Park flea market in Berlin, one of my favourite places. :)
My best friend is currently visiting us and we drove to a dog lake near Berlin and enjoyed the sunny weather. I totally loved spending time with both my love and my best friend and Mogli was having a bath in the lake. Then we visited another pretty small town near Potsdam. As you can see, here's a lot of water. :)
Awwww, soap bubbles, how much I love them! :) I store them on out balcony and use them from time to time, this always makes me smile. :)
Because it's so warm here we have already had a brunch on our balcony for a few times. Do you see our new table and the little strawberry plants? :)
I also received pretty swap packages from my online pal matz ab and normalean, my lovely friend. <3 Can't wait to share more photos, soon. :)
How do you like my new brooch? :) I got it from Mona and I already blogged about it. :)
Eeeks, my new tights my beloved friend Hanna got me as a birthday present. How much I enjoy those first warm days of the year!
Lipstick in the sun, yes! <3
DaWanda has organized a competition for mother's day and I'm taking part! I'm in the next round and one of those 50 people who received a pretty piece of fabric from byGraziela with an awesome retro pattern. Each participant is supposed to create something unique for mother's day using this fabric, can't wait to get started. :)
Have you already seen my new muchtache / sailor tote? It has also been a birthday present I got from Hanna. <3
Sun, sun, sun, and love! :) I love spring!
White and blue. <3
This is Potsdam's most famous church. Oh, how much I love this city!
Today we were having our first sherbet of the year, because our favourite ice cream parlour has opened it's doors for the current season. Raspberry-lime, strawberry and mango are my favourites, they taste like heaven! :)

I love you liked those little peeks into my everyday life! :)
I hope you are having a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine!! :)


  1. Hallo liebe Lu,
    Schöne Eindrücke zeigst du uns da!
    Schönes Wochenende! :)
    Lg, Miriam

  2. Oh meinGott die alte Küchenanrichte! Ich bin verliebt!

  3. heey (:
    ich bin ganz neu auf deinem blog und wollte dir sagen wie gut er mir gefällt.

    1. Danke!! :) Das freut mich zu hören! :)

  4. Hey Luisa! :)
    Ich bin durch Zufall grade über meinen absoluten Lieblingsblog (magnoliaelectric) auf deinen gestoßen - welch Zufall!
    Sofort abonniert - und jetzt wird gestöbert!! :D
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Wie lustig, die Welt ist sooo klein! :) Schön, dass Du meinen Blog gleich abboniert hast! :)
      Liebe Grüße

  5. Deine schöne Welt mit all diesen tollen Farben:-) Es ist eine Freude, deine Fotos anzuschauen!

  6. Deine schöne Welt mit all diesen tollen Farben:-) Es ist eine Freude, deine Fotos anzuschauen!

  7. Hallo Lu, ich bin schon auf dein Swap Projekt gespannt! Hab schon auf anderen Blogs ein bisschen was davon gesehen und das sieht sehr vielversprechend aus :-) Super Idee auf jeden Fall und auch sonst so schöne Fotos!
    Lg Katinka

    1. Danke, es folgen ja bald mehr Fotos. :) Lass mich wissen wenn die Tassen angekommen sind! :)

  8. Aaah, farbig, farbiger, Lu :) und ich kann mich Roboti nur anschließen, die Küchenanrichte... warum hastn die nicht gekauft und mir gesendet? Pff ;)

  9. How exciting and lovely! I love polaroids, they make pictures so much cooler! Runaway Thrift is having a giveaway through March 29th, check us out!

  10. Die Küchenanrichte ist wirklich ein Traum! Und auch die anderen Fotos sind schön. Endlich Frühling, endlich Sonne :)

  11. Ich bin grad via Herzeleid über deinen tollen Blog gestolpert. Wunderschöne farbenfrohe Fotos!

    Ich such jetzt mal meine Seifenblasen :)

    Liebe Grüße,
    von einer waschechten Potsdamerin

    1. Oh wie schön! :) Herzekleid ist ja auch ein toller Blog! :)
      Danke für die Kompliment und liebe Grüße aus Potsdam! :)

  12. Danke für eure lieben Kommentare und schön, dass ihr meine bunten Bilder mögt! :) Eure Kommentare freuen mich immer ganz doll! :)

  13. Ach der Mauerpark-Flomarkt...ich bin so NEIDISCH!!! Ich LIIIIIIEBE den!!! Aber um so schöner wenn du so schöne Bilder zeigst :-)
    Liebe Grüsse aus dem Süden von Sabine


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