Wednesday, February 01, 2012

All those photos...

Hey! :) It's time for sharing some of my beloved fake polaroid pictures I always take with my phone when I have it with me. Some of them have already been taken last year, but I didn't post them, because I hadn't uploaded them, yet.
Back in December, Anja and I went to a Beatsteaks concert in Berlin. It wasn't as perfect as the concert we visited last summer, but it was quite good. :)
Mogli got a new bow tie (if you're interested in having one, I'm selling those on DaWanda) and I took some photos of Potsdam, here you can see some houses in the Dutch quarter.

Some time ago I won two awesome pieces of fabric over on Liepsch. I love the one with the tiny hearts! :)
My beloved friend Hanna has been spending nearly one year in Berlin and we spent lots of time together. I miss her a lot when she's not here! We discovered a new passion for Turkish food and found a restaurant in Berlin with a perfect dish. <3
After we moved to our new apartment, I decorated everything and hung up my handmade love bunting. In December, I sewed many moustache brooches for the Trend Mafia market on which I had my own booth. Moreover, I've been selling soooo much during the time before Christmas that I was even able to buy a new laptop only from the income I earned from selling my handmade items! <3 Yess, I was soo proud of myself! :)

Flo and I had some fun trying on fake glasses at the mall and I won the most beautiful fabric bunting in a giveaway on herzekleid. <3
After Hanna gave me a moustache two finger ring for Christmas, I totally fell in love with these rings and bought another one which looks like a feather. I also wore my new, turquoise tights from asos my girlfriends gave me for Christmas. The color is awesome, but don't buy those, the quality is crap! What is more, I listed lots of items on Kleiderkreisel (= clothing circle, a German platform to exchange second hand clothes and accessories) and in exchange for a floral bag, I got this pretty mustard headband. It's handmade, it's perfect, I love it! :)

As always, Mogli has been the cutest dog on earth. :) Last week I made vegetarian mini pizza and as you could see in my previous post, I made lots of new rubber stamps. :)
Moreover, I prepared TONS of new sewing projects, I cut out fabric, ironed it and sorted eveything in order to sew the items. I bought a new notebookinto which I now write all my sewing ideas, make sketches and keep inspiring images. I just finished a page with inspiring images for my birthday, because I'm going to throw a mini-tea party. This morning, although it was incredibly cold, we had the perfect weather on our morning walk. Nevertheless, can't wait for spring and for using our new balcony! :)
That's it, just a few snapshots and a little look at my everyday life. :)

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  1. how cute is that dog :D I just saw him on the dawanda front page today. I'm so proud of you :D

    your turquoise tights rock a lot!!

  2. Oooh, bei den Beatsteaks im Dezember war ich - und ich fands im Sommer auch fast ein klitzekleines bisschen besser, Open Air is halt immer toll ;)
    Schöner Blog, ich mag ihn sehr! :)

  3. Wirklich viele Fotos:), wie schön! Schön auch, dass die Wimpelkette gefällt und einen Platz gefunden hat :-)
    Schönen Tag und LG, Steffi

  4. Die Beatsteaks hab ich letztes Jahr auch gesehen. Im März in Münster, im Juni bei RAR und im Dezember in Essen :)

  5. Danke, Trisha! :))
    Juhu, noch 2 Leute, die auch bei den Beatsteaks waren... :) Verliere langsam den Überblick, wie oft ich sie schon gesehen hab. :)
    Klar, liebe Steffi, die ist so schön! :) Wurde grade heute von meiner Mama bewundert, wie hübsch die ist!


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