Friday, January 13, 2012

24 things before 25.

Hello! :) This is the list I made shortly after my birthday last year. Inspired by another blogger's idea to make a list of goals for the next year of one's life (instead of creating a list of good intentions for the new year on January 1), I wrote down those goals for the 25th year in my life. :)
Because I'm going to turn 25 in the beginning of February, I wanted to share this list again to show you which goals I achieved. :)
As you can see, I nearly did everything I wanted to do, there are only a few things missing. :)

1. Unfortunalety, I failed one course at university last summer semester, so I'll have to do it again. ;P
2. Woohoo, I sold much more than 100 items in my DaWanda shop!! :) Until now, a total of 267 items have been sold and there are still about 3 weeks left until my birthday, so this was a total success. :)
3. Yes, I visited Hanna!! :) Cause she has been living in Berlin for almost one year, this was pretty easy and we spent lots of precious time together.
4. I've been visiting Malin, too. ;) I went to see her two times this year, one time with Hanna and one time with Flo. :)
5. Wohooo, I got a DSLR for my last birthday, my mom bought it for me. <3
6. I've got even more than 300 blog followers, they are nearly 400. :) Thank you soooo much for reading my blog!!
7. Yes, I've sewn a skirt. Much better, I 've even sewn two of them. :)
8. No, I didn't sell my items at the Mauerpark, but hopefully I'll do this next summer. :)
9. Yeeeeees, this was one of the best things last year, we found the perfect flat for us!! :)
10. Ohh, I threw a theme party, it was perfect! :) On my last birthday I threw a costume party and there was even a competition for the best costume. :)
11. No, I didn't dye my hair, because I'm currently completely in love with my original hair color.
12. Oh my gosh, I saw the Foo Fighters last summer and it was beyond amazing!!! It was the third time I saw them live and it was completely overwhelming!
13. That's something I'm gonna do this year. :) But I painted lots of other smaller items of furniture white.
14. Haha, we were actually having a board game night in summer, but I forgot to make a hook. :) It was fun, we played Activity. :)
15. Well, I tried out lots of new recipes, but I didn't take photos of all of them and I didn't post the recipes online, I'm too lazy.
16. Oh yes, I sewed a shirt for my mother. :) One of the first pieces of clothing I ever sewed.
17. Mogli still doens't know how to perfectly behave when he's on his doggy leash. ;O)
18. I went on a short holiday with Flo during the winter holidays, it was my Christmas present and it was wonderful! <3
19. I'm really sad that Anja and I didn't menage to go to the Baltic Sea last summer - when we wanted to, either one of us had no time, or the weather was too bad. Hopefully this summer!
20. I had a few picnics, I love that!
21. I actually sewed myself a duffle bag, without using a pattern and with a pretty matryoshka fabric.
22. Flo and I went a lot by bike last summer and I sometimes went by bike to a lake with one if my girlfriends. In spring, Flo and I surrounded some lakes by bike and had a picnic, that was fun!
23. I even visited my grandparents, it was great seeing them!
24. Ohhh, I always miss my mother so much, but I saw her as often as possible! <3

Last year has been really awesome!! <3
Have you done any of those things on my list? :) Did you have any goals you accomplished?
I'm soon gonna show you the list of 25 things I wanna do before 26. :)


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  2. Das ist eine schöne Idee mit der Liste zum Gebutstag anstatt zum Neujahr :)

    Auf den Punkt "see Foo Fighters live" bin ich ja ein bisschen neidisch ;)

    Ich habe ich mir zum Neujahr auch so eine "Dinge, die ich 2012 machen möchte"-Liste geschrieben. Da freut man sich direkt noch viel viel mehr aufs neue Jahr.
    Ich bin gespannt, wie viel ich davon Ende 2012 abhaken kann =)

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. das war auch immer sehr schön, wenn du/ihr da ward :) freu mich schon, dir/euch die neue stadt zu zeigen!!!

  4. ich liebe ja solche listen - und die sachen, die du dir vorgenommen hattest, sind einfach zauberhaft. toll, dass du so vieles verwicklichen konntest! (: (fahrradtour, picknick, an die see fahren - so tolle sommeraktivitäten, da freut man sich gleich auf die warme jahreszeit...)


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