Friday, December 16, 2011

Recipe: Gingerbread House

Today's guest blogger is one of my beloved girlfriends, Anja, who writes a blog called aentschie and who sews the cutest toast iphone cases in the world. <3


I have been making two gingerbread houses and my loved ones Lu and Sylvio got something to nibble. :)
Such a delicious house can be made easily:

You need:  
- Gingerbread dough for the house
- Lots of sweets for decoration
- Icing sugar

You have to use your favourite gingerbread or cookie dough and then you have to cut out the parts of the house (front, back, two pieces for the sides and two pieces for the roof).

Bake the dough according to the recipe, let it cool down and buy lots of sweets and icing sugar.

Sticking together the pieces of the house is a bit tricky. It works best with melted sugar (caramel). Be really careful, because it’s extremely hot and you can get a burn blister. :(

When everything sticks together and you’ve tested the house’s sturdiness, you can get started with decorating your house (and because then you later don’t see how leaning it is ;)). Use icing sugar and liquid (just like you want it, you can either use water, or juice; I prefer lemon juice (white) or cherry juice (red)) to mix the icing. The icing has to be really thick so that it sticks well and does not drip. An injection bag works best for applying the icing to the house (you can also use a freezer bag with a little hole in one corner!). Finally, decorate the house with sweets to your heart’s content! :)

The houses look so delicious!
I don’t like recipes and indications of quantities that much, but in case you have any question concerning any detail, feel free to ask me. :)
So just try it out, such a house is an awesome present idea!
I wish you a lovely pre-Christmas period!


Doesn't that looks cute?
Thank you for sharing, sweetheart! <3


  1. "something to nibble" hihihi :* danki, dass ich doch noch mitmachen durfte :*

  2. yummy :)
    Sehen die gut aus :*

    liebst Marie♥

  3. man, hast du einen süßen blog! und dein hintergrund ist ja auch ganz zauberhaft =)

  4. Na klar, Anja, Du warst erste Wahl, weißt Du doch! <3

    Danke, liebe Lily! :)


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