Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Tour: Luloveshandmade's New Home

Hello! :) I've been waiting for sharing these photos for so long, so here you can finally see my new room! <3 It's a combination of craftroom, sewing corner, bedroom and workspace and I love that I have everything in one room that I need. :) In our old apartment, we had three rooms, one for Flo, which we also used as livingroom, one for me, which I also used as sewing room, and a seperate bedroom. Now, we only have 2 rooms, but they are much bigger and I think it is extremely practical to have everything in one place. The sewing corner is the heart of my new room and it's (apart from the bed) the place where I spend most of the time I'm at home. I love my new sewing table and that it is big enough to cut fabric and to make sketches without having to use my normal desk.
Mogli loves his new home, too! :) He has two dog pillows, one next to me sewing table and one next to Flo's couch in his room.
What I love most is that there's so much light in here, I've got one window and a huge balcony door. I left the walls white and decided not to paint them and this way, my room is even brighter. I've got lots of colorful pieces of furniture and decor details, so I think this is enough color. :)
Here's my favourite chair, it has a cord cover and it's soooo cosy! The matryoshka pillow is to die for, isn't it? :) It was a handmade birthday gift from my beloved friend Anja. <3 Remember the post in which I mentioned the awesome little shelves made from crates? Here's the crate that I painted, I'm now using it to display my lomography cameras. :) The pennants are handmade, too, they were one of my first sewing projects last year.
Here's my desk where I do all the blogging, studying and chatting. <3 I'm so glad that I do not have to use it for both studying and sewing anymore!
Do you remember the pretty embroidery hoop to store sewing tools? I made it after I had seen this fabulous idea on pinterest. The spice rack is from DaWanda and I use it for storing textile colors. On the right photo, you can see the little IKEA table I painted turquoise and my sewing corner from another perspective. :)
Here's the bed, it's so comfortable and I love our bedding's colors. :) We bought the two bedside lights at IKEA and the bunting is handmade.
 For the bunting, I used normal fabric and ironed the letters onto it.
After I had taken all those photos last week, I hung up even more photos. :) On the right photo there's the shelf in which I store all my handmade items which are listed on DaWanda, they are becoming more nearly every day. :) I even own an easel which Flo has given me for Christmas a few years ago, but I haven't been painting for quite a long time.
Have you spotted my typewriter? My mother gave it to me last year and I love it. <3

So how do you like my new room? Do you have a seperate sewing room oder craft room? What's your favourite place at home? :)

Wish you a lovely Sunday!


  1. I am soooo looking forward New Years Eve to see it in "real" :) Looks very pretty and I am a little bit jealous

  2. this is stunning! You did such a great job!

  3. I'm so jealous! It looks like the perfect place.

  4. supergut wie du immer wieder aufs neue meine bettwäsche inszenierst :D sehr schöne fotos

  5. Toller Raum :)! Bei mi ist Arbeits- und Bastelbereich auch eins mit dem Schlafzimmer, aber das sieht bei weitem nicht so hübsch aus....

  6. ich liebe ALLES daran, ernsthaft! hast du noch mehr wohnungsfotos? ich bin gerade so begeistert. so stelle ich mir meine zukunftsarbeitsfläche vor! wow :D

  7. wow!!! Gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut!

  8. Sooooooooooo schön! Ich will jetzt auch sofort eine neue Wohnung! ;-)

  9. Schön ist es bei euch!

    Und das Regal bleibt nicht so leer, 10000 Bücher warten noch darauf eingeräumt zu werden.

  10. Thank you so much!! :)

    Danke ihr Lieben, eure Worte schmeicheln mir sehr und es ist schön zu hören, dass nicht nur mir gefällt, was ich daraus gemacht habe. :)

  11. What a lovely room you have! I really like it!


  12. Wunderhübsch. Alles schön in weiss und deine selbstgemachten bunten Sachen dazu! Einfach wundervoll! :-)


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