Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What inspires me.

Hello! :) Today I wanna introduce a new blog category, because from time to time I'm planning to show you what inspires me. I recently stumbled upon Pinterest and I must admit that I've become addicted. :) Flo and I found a new flat and we're going to move soon. Since I was searching for some pretty DIY furniture and home decor ideas, I found soooo many great projects on Pinterest and I feel the urgent desire to share them with you. :) Here are a few of my current favourites:

1. Just the moment when I first saw this kitchen with its AMAZING turquoise kitchen table, I knew that I wanted to paint our own kitchen table, too. :) I bookmarked this photo a short time ago and today Flo and I went to a DIY superstore and bought sand paper and some finish. I painted the table this afternoon and it looks sooooo great, I absolutely love it! :) I'm glad I've already painted it, so it's done before we move. :) I'll share some photos the following days. :)
2. These vases are so pretty, aren't they? So simple and still so beautiful! I love the idea and will definitely make those one day.
3. I love doilies and they look so good on this table, such a nice DIY idea! I can totally imagine such a DIY table runner on my new, bright, turquoise kitchen table with some pretty, floral plates and dishes. <3
4. Ohhh, this is such a beautiful canopy, especially because of the patchwork technique! I recently learned how to make a patchwork blanket and now I'm planning to make one myself. I love the idea of making a patchwork canopy and I extremely like the bright colors in this one. In our old flat we had a simple canopy, too, but now Flo has a house-dust allergy and we can't have one above our bad anymore. :(
5. This is an awesome idea, isn't it? I still have some embroidery hoops left and I will definitely use them to make some of these pretty embroidery hoop pockets myself. :)
6. This is again a DIY idea which is so simple and still extremely pretty! I just have to find out where to get an old drawer (or I'll buy some planks and make one myself ;)) and then I can paint it and use it as an idea board or as a little shelf.
7. Which lady doens't have the problem where to store jewellery? :) Well, I recently bought myself a pretty jewellery tree, but it's rather small and this DIY idea of using an oven rack is much better. :) I'm going to buy one and paint it in a nice color. :)

Which DIY idea / project is your favourite? :)
Love, Lu


  1. oh i really like the turqouise table and the canopy. looks so romantic and wonderful. :)

  2. Oh, das mit dem Ofengitter ist ja ne super idee - dafür bräuchte ich aber eine größere Schminkecke :D Kommt dann auf die Liste "NÄCHSTE WOHNUNG" ;)

  3. i love this post! Im currently cutting lots of vintage fabric patchwork squares ^_^

  4. Ja, Jenny, sehr gut! :) Ich überleg noch, ob ich das mit dem Ofengitter mache oder ne andere Idee. :)

    Oh great, Claire, can't wait to see what you'll sew! :) I'm curious to see the vintage fabric! :)


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