Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What inspires me.

Hello! :) Here's a new list of things I love and which inspire me. I'm still busy with planning lots of details for our new apartment; I'm painting old furniture, preparing decor, I'm making little presents for the lovely friends who are going to help us and I'm making birthday presents for some friends. :) Much to do. :)
So here are the pretty things I found on the Internet:
1. I love those paper lanterns so much, this is such a good idea and adds colors to every white room. I've already bought tissue paper in three different colors and then I will decorate our paper lanterns as soon as we have moved. :)
2. This is a great idea, isn't it? This lovely fabric wrapping project makes coat hangers look prettier.
3. Although I have already found a way to store my jewelry, I like this idea for a jewelry organizer
a lot. Maybe I will make one like this, too, I have lots of jewelry to store. :)
4. When I created my account on Pinterest, I found this awesome idea for using crates as tiny shelf. Until yesterday I wasn't able to find crates in a good condition, but then I got the advice to go to a certain enoteca in Berlin where they sell these crates for 2.50€. I was so happy and I bought one, although I had to carry it home on the train all the way home. I'm currently painting it white and I intend to use it in my new room, either above my desk, or above my sewing table. :)
5. I'm in love with the colors, the light and the atmosphere in this bright and pretty bedroom. <3
6. Awwww, those paper garlands are too pretty to be true! Yesterday I bought a hole-puncher with a huuuuge hole so that I do not have to cut out every circle by myself. Can't wait to make tons of pretty paper garlands in all different colors to decorate the whole apartment. :)


  1. Oooh ja, diese Farben inspirieren mich auch so sehr. Ich liebe vor allem das 5. Bild. Genau so eine Decke möchte ich mir bald häkeln, diese süssen Kissen, den Lampenschirm könnte ich bei mir auch neu überziehen und natürlich muss auch eine Wimpelgirlande gemacht werden. Oder mehrere! So wunderhübsch. Genau so wie dein toller Blog, den ich sogleich auf meine Blogroll setzen werde!

  2. Ach ich freu mich auch schon auf eure neue Wohnung. Die Idee mit den Lampen ist soooo super!! Das wird glaube ich sehr sehr schön aussehen... ich glaub ich mach das in unserem Schlafzimmer auch - da kann man die guten IKEA Schirme ganz schön hübsch umstylen :)

  3. Ja ja ja, das IST inspirierend! gefällt mir einfach alles! Und dein Blog auch, den muss ich auch gleich regelmäßig lesen :-)
    LG Steffi

  4. I cannot agree more :) I think these sort of things would inspire the most non crafty kind of person.
    Lovely images ^_^

  5. Kinka Litzchen9/30/2011 1:52 PM

    aaaw, where did you get the crates?? I really need some!!! =)

  6. Thank you all for the compliments concerning my blog and great that the photos inspire you, too! :)
    Kinka, I got the crate in Berlin in at an enoteca opposite to Frau Tulpe. :)


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