Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wanna know who won the 200 followers giveaway? :)

Hello everybody, we have a winner for the 200 followers giveaway! :) I still love drawing lots the old-fashioned way, so I wrote down all names on little cards, put them into a tin and pulled out one of them. :)
So here's the winner, congratulations to Mozzypop! :)
I'll send you an e-mail, because you need to give me the measurements of you phone so that I can sew the customized phone pouch for you and then you can choose a hair bow in my shop. :)
A big thank you to all the others for participating! :)
Wish you a lovely Sunday and come back to the blog tomorrow, because then the huge blog party is going to start! :)


  1. Glückwunsch & trotzdem danke für das tolle Giveaway!

  2. Congratulation Mozzypop, even though I'm quite sad I didn't win... :) Oh well, maybe next time!


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