Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blog Party // DIY Summer Projects: Day 3.

Hello everybody! :) Today Jenny from wolkengleich is going to show you an easy to follow tutorial for how to sew a summer dress. :)


Hi. I’m Jennifer and today I want to show you how to sew a lovely summer dress. This summer I felt in love with long floral dresses, but unfortunately, I couldn’t buy one, because the dresses used to be too long for me. So I decided to sew one by myself.
The idea of the dress is pretty simple and you only need about one hour to sew it.

All you need is airy fabric, an elastic band, a cord and two thread eyes.
1. First of all, you need to cut the fabric into the right shape of an oblong [the admeasurement depends on how tall you are ;)].
2. Now bend the upper border of the fabric and fix it with the sewing machine.
3. The next step is to sew the elastic band on the upper border. First of all you have to fix the elastic band, then stretch the elastic band until it is not elastic anymore and sew it onto the fabric at the same time. 

So now the fabric has some lovely waves and you can still stretch it.
4. Now bend the fabric, so that you have the front of the dress in front of you and fix the thread eyes in the place which will be in the middle right under the breast.

5. You have to prepare a ribbon - so you can sew it at the same height as the thread eyes are, but at the inner face of the fabric. Later, you can put the cord into it and pull the cord through the tread eyes.
6. The next step is to bend the fabric and sew the open side.
7. Now you only have to bend the lower border piece of the dress and sew it.
Now your dress is ready to wear. 

I hope you liked it and will try this out yourself! :) Anyway, thank you, Jenny, for preparing this tutorial! :)


  1. wow. i love this. i haven't had the guts to try and sew clothes yet but i might give this a try. it looks doable :) thank you for sharing!

  2. That's great and looks so simple to make! I haven't tried to make any piece of clothing yet but this dress looks so easy to make. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hab grad deinen Blog gefunden und ich bin begeistert! Vor allem vom Sommer-Projekt!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. geil das probier ich auchmal.

    (n bisschen doofi ist übirgens, dass die bilder so klein sind, da sieht man irgendwie nicht so viel :/ )

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