Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blog Party // DIY Summer Projects: Day 13.

Hello, happy Sunday!! :) Today's the last day of my awesome blog party and I will end those days full of DIY projects with something I made myself. :) So here it is:

Wohoo, as you can see, this project is about handprinted bags for which I only used natural materials as stamps. I've been having the idea in my mind for quite a while, but so far I haven't found the time to try it out. What is best about this project apart from the fact that it looks great is that all the supplies are either inexpensive, or you have them at home anyway. :) I must admit that the bags have even turned out to be better than I had expected, so here's the tutorial that you can make them yourself and in case you want to purchase one without making it yourself, you can visit my shop. :)

What you need for this project: 
- Tote bags or fabric to print onto
- Old newspapers and paperboards to protect your furniture and the bags
- An apple, a potato and some branches with pretty leaves
- A knife
- Paint brushes and a sponge
- Some paper towels
- A paint roller
- Textile color

Style 1 - Apple stamps:
Cut an apple into two halves and dry them. Therefore, use a piece of paper towel.

Next, color the apple with textile color and use it as a stamp. Don't forget to color the leafstalk, too.

This is how it looked when I printed it onto the whole bag. Of course, you have to renew the textile color on the apple each time before you put in onto the bag.

VoilĂ ! :) I love it!

Style 2 - Potato stamps, part 1.
The procedure is similar to printing with apples. First, cut the potato into two halves, dry its surface on a kitchen towel. Then, cut out a ornament and paint it with textile color.

Then, again use it as a stamp to embellish your bag or piece of fabric.

I can't really decide, but I think this bag is my favourite, because I absolutely love the colors for summer.

Style 3 - Branch stamp.
This version is just too good to be true, because when I thought about trying it this way, I wasn't able to imagine that this could be so easy and that the result would look so fabulous.
Take a branch with pretty leaves and paint the side where you can best see the leave's structure (doing it this way will help you getting a better result in the end) and don't forget to paint the branch itself.  Then, carefully put the colored side onto the fabric.

Put a piece of paper onto it, not pressing it too much onto the fabric, and use your paint roller to transfer the textile color from the branch and the leaves onto the fabric.

Awwww, it has turned out so beautiful! :)

Style 4 - Potato stamps, part 2.
Finally, here's another version with a potato stamp for which you simply have to cut a symbol into the potato, then you need to use it as a stamp and press it onto the fabric. :)


That's it! :) I hope you like this project as much as I do and I also hope that you enjoyed my blog party with all those amazing guest posts. Thank again, friends, for sharing all those lovely ideas and projects! :)
Love, Lu <3


  1. Wow! Great idea and so simple too! I especially like the anchor! How did you cut it so neat? Looks great!

  2. I love making stamps out of potatoes. It's so easy!

    Your bags turned out especially cute! I think the apple bag is my favorite. :)

  3. OMG!!! Lu, you are crazy :)
    I also had the idea of using potatoes as stamps for fabric, but I didn't try... But now you kind of animated me trying this for my merch bags ;) these are so beautiful! i think the apples are my favorites!
    thanks for the great party, was much fun!!!

  4. Eee, I am loving these to bits! It is so simple yet very effective :) Great stuffs.

  5. am definitely going to try this! thanks for the tutorial :)


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