Thursday, May 05, 2011

I designed my first piece of fabric!!! :)

Hello friends, I'm sooooooo extremely excited and happy, because I received the first piece of fabric I designed myself and this is such a huge step towards an even more handmade production of items, because even the motif of the fabric was drawn by myself. :)

I ordered my fabric at stoffn, a German site where you can order fabric with your own pattern. It takes up to 20 workdays until you receive your order and I am completely satisfied. :) I ordered 1m x 68cm and including shipping I payed about 25€ for it. I can't wait to start sewing something with my beloved owls. :D

First, I made a sketch of the owls with a pencil, then I used a felt pen for the contours and then I scanned them.

 Next, I colored them in photoshop. :)

 This one is my favourite, that's why I have chosen it for ordering the fabric. <3

This is how the page looks like, you can adjust the size of your motif or you can turn it around. I can totally recommend to try it yourself. :)

So here's the result and I'm sooo happy with it!! :)

The quality is amazing! <3


Who of you has also already ordered self-designed fabric herself or himself? :) Any experiences to share? :)


  1. LUUUUUU!!!!! Das sieht sooooo super aus. Richtig cool!!! Ich finde der Druck ist auch echt gut geworden! Toll!!!! Juhu :-*

  2. Dankeschön, ich bin auch totaaaaal aus dem Häuschen, hab mich garnicht eingekriegt als der Stoff ankam. :D

  3. Oh, congratulations! Your owl looks so cute and you must feel really proud to have your own pattern on your fabric! WAY TO GO! May this one won't be the last one but the first one of many more! :-)

  4. This is awesome! So exciting and inspiring.

  5. <3 looks wonderful! love the owl, can't wait to see what you'll do with it :)

  6. EEEEE, it looks amazing! Well done lady :D

  7. Excellent!!! What a great site


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