Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas mood.

 This is our beautiful jute Advent calendar.

Hey! :) As I already told you, I'm totally in a mood for Christmas. I already decorated our apartment and last Sunday I invited some friends of mine and we made Christmas cookies, Advent wreaths, drank glogg, listened to Christmas songs and watched some Disney holiday clips. :) It was a great afternoon, really cozy and our cookies turned out to be totally delicious. :) Here are a few images of last Sunday. :)
Have yourself a nice evening! :)

 I made this paper garland for our hall, the white presents and candy canes are made with the stamps I recently made.

I bought those awesome plastic fir branches at IKEA, they are hanging in our hallway. <3


Even Mogli was decorated with a cute tiny hat Anja brought with her. :) He's always sooo cute I could melt away. :)

 Those were too delicious, garnished with white chocolate and almond slivers.

Decorating Christmas cookies. :)

Sitting in the living room and decorating our Advent wreaths. <3

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