Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Black and white illustrations.

Hello, happy Tuesday, here are some sketches and illustration I made during the last months (the radio is even older, I've been drawing it when I still went to school which was more than 4 years ago :)), I thought there were worth to be published in a blog post. :)

This one's pretty old, it's a drawing of my mother's old radio I made some years ago. :) 

I've just drawn those owls recently, because I was so inspired by fall. Which one do you like best, the more realistic ones or the cartoon? :)

I needed these doves for a painting which now hangs in our hall, therefore I just painted a canvas light blue and then added the origninal drawing of those two doves which I had cut out before.

 Maybe you already know those icons which I made last spring for my blog and flickr page.

This is my Holga camera, first I made the left sketch with a pencil and then I went over the lines with a felt pen.


  1. love the owl and the radio! oh so cute!

  2. Oh, the radio's reeeeally cute :-)


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